If the next big thing doesn’t come out of Africa, …


The eLearning Africa 2013 report includes my interview with the title “Entrepreneurship Isn’t About Easy Money “. I re-blogged some of the questions with my answers. To read the full interview and report, click here. 

What do you think is the most significant change that needs to happen in order to tackle the education and training challenges that Africa faces?

The first and basic change that should occur is that Africans need to believe that if we don’t solve our problems, no one will. But I think I am too late to state this. Most Africans are already aware of that. The basic change is done.  Education is the key and it all starts at the family level.  Families have the highest responsibility in raising the next generation. I believe the biggest change should happen to tackle education and the challenges we face in Africa is to have a tight relationship between communities and educational institutions.

The Internet infrastructure should be improved. Schools need to be more equipped and open. I have noticed in the schools in Ethiopia that schools are only for the students. This attitude should be changed.  Higher education should work closely with the private sector; students need to get their hands dirty. If education is all about theories, we only need to teach people how to read and write. We need to learn but also practice what we learn. I know these are basic and elementary statements. But these are the essentials.

Education reforms and curriculum revision should be carried out at every level. We should stop teaching, we should start educating.

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