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You can find this post in my blog archive. But i found it necessary to create a page for easy browsing. This article holds essential information why you need to have your own blog in Ethiopia and how to save your voice if you own a blog. I will try to update this info whenever i find an interesting input.

It is generally ironic that most of the information about Ethiopia in the internet generated by non-Ethiopians. In the same time, citizen media and individual reporting is hugely acceptable in the current society composition in the world. It is time to represent yourself!

10 Reasons Why You Should Blog in Ethiopia 

Ten points to go – just 10! Get ready for quite a ride.

  1. Independent perspective:  In the country where the media is highly influenced by political parties, the government, and foreign organizations, your personal perspective will remain unheard. Ethiopia needs very independent individual perspectives which can easily address the societies’ need very closely and impartially.
  2. Strong Perspectives:  Your blog is a place where you can constantly tell your audience what exactly you believe in. There is no page limit; you don’t have to wait until next edition to tell what is in your mind. The freedom of this medium makes your perspective very strong. You can easily assert by viable evidence for your conclusions. They sky is the limit. You can use pictures, videos, statistics, above all, personal feelings on the topic. It spices up your determination on the subject you are talking about. Blog helps to you create a perception on readers what you really believe in.
  3. Diversity of Ideas:  Listen to what they talk on the traditional media? All the news and perspectives are bounded and focused on very limited subjects. Streaming media focuses on current affairs reported by professional journalists and censored by editors – They consider many things before they publish their articles or saying a word on radio. The accuracy of the messages and the importance of its deliverance lost on the way. There are so many things in the media that haven’t got coverage. Most important things don’t get coverage because they don’t meet specific editorial requirements- not because of their importance. Blog is your media; you can express anything you want. There is no editorial censorship. It is a self-censored media.  You can easily diverse your topics. That will give the audience unlimited options to read on basis of their interest. There is nothing like finding what you look for. Use the chance to say things which are unsaid before.
  4. Limited numbers of blogs and websites available from the country:  It is sad, but there are less than 20 bloggers in total for nearly 90 million people in the country. Being one of the first bloggers is a great chance for you to be an ambassador for the country. Your chance of enormous “readers hit” is intact. My fellow bloggers achieve 800 hits and more just in a day or two. People are so into reading what interesting people reflect. The early you start your blog, the better you get the popularity. I am poking you!
  5. Internet penetration rising:  Slow, but there is undeniable progress on the internet connection in the country. It’s been sad that internet is considering a luxury material. But this era seems passing now. There are many internet cafes are opening, new bandwidth tariff has been introduced, it is my hope that Ethio telecom will improve the service more, and even better other ISPs (hopefully, local ISPs) might get license soon to function in the country. Trust me; people are tired of just reading about English premierleague and chatting on Facebook with totally stranger people whom God knows if they even exist. So get ready for quite a ride. It is time to get advantage of “universe-like” opportunities on the net.
  6. Facebook Experience:  Believe it or not, people acceptance of social media is very high. According to Google’s statics for 2010 and 2011, Facebook was the highest visited website from Ethiopia. People love social media. Let me tell you a little secret, shhhh… Blog is a social medium! A better one though. On Facebook, you can post your pictures and updates your status. You share yourself with friends. Facebook focuses on you. Blogging focus on your idea and what you do. You can’t control what is happening on Facebook, but you can on your blog. After all, you are not limited to small status updates, but you can express your whole idea in a way which stays all the time readable and manageable. Ethiopians love social networks. Get your own!
  7. High population:  Ethiopian population growth is one of the highest in the world. It is not always a bad thing though (Usually it is, who wants to share the resources for 10 which can only meant to be for one). Either we support “producing babies” or not, they are coming quite a lot. It gives you great chances of reaching many readers. One day, your blog will be reading by millions of people. Nowhere, but from the country.  Enjoy the highest traffic for your blog.
  8. Market your idea, products and services:  Creating a blog (especially corporate blogging) helps you to define your potential customers. You can tell them your findings, new features, new plans..Etc… your potential customers determine your business profit. So why don’t you talk to them personally? Why don’t you tell them that you like them? The traditional marketing strategy doesn’t work anymore. Take my word, it doesn’t. Great, but people still print out flyers that a 10 years toddler gives you away at the corner of the street. God knows who they are.Huge billboards and posters, which mess up the towns later on, don’t give more than the basic information you need. But Blog gives a lot. It is a place to tell your customers who you are; how you can help them; how your event will happen and what is your real intention is. Update customers. Sometimes, the process is more interesting than the final product.
  9. Strong online society:  Mass movements are the new society composition. The nature of online society makes mass movements quite easier. There are so many reasons why you need to establish strong online society. Poverty reduction, Human Rights movements (In Freedom of speech, minorities, Norms, Spiritual awakens, Outreaching, Modern Ethics, Society orders, Homosexuality, freedom of travelling.  Exercising and expanding your belief and religion, and such), fighting epidemics, gender issue, consumers rights, even anti-government movements and much more. All need mass movements. All need full society support. And may be, not in a week, but soon enough, you can achieve what you fight for and convince enough people to get on your back.
  10. It is fun:  Last but not least, blogging is as fun as using Facebook. If you are a kind of person who hates facebook, I am telling you it is as fun as having great time with your friends or feels like entertaining. It is addictive too. Once you start writing, you will get immersed more in it. Truth to be told, no one might write about you when you die, so you better say what you feel now, while you are alive. You know what I mean, it is a lot fun!

You see, ten points are not too much. If you need any help setting up your blog or needs any advise, please contact me or even better write your comments below. Feel free to share the information with your friends too. You can even re-post this weblog. Making a strong online society is everyone’s reasonability, after all you are reading my blog online … OR?

Save Your Voice

It is discouraging. But if you are in Ethiopia, your blog can be blocked anytime. It’s been quite a while since Blogspot is blocked. Recently, I also noticed that, blogs in WordPress have been started to get blocked. If your blog is getting popular and you are a kind of person that you don’t want to be silent and exercise your freedom of speech, one of these days might come and you might lose your voice.

In this page I will try to give you some tips how to save your articles and subscribed viewers.

If you have more tips, please help people to save their blogs. Write your recommendation below.


Digital storage is not 100% safe. After storing your data in your computer or a remote server in the internet, you might encounter data lose. WordPress takes a backup of your article. But this can only help you to save your posts, not your entire blog. If your blog is blocked it is highly unlikely to login to your account. WordPress has a very good plug-in (Go to Dashboard > Tools > Export) which backup your data as XML. And later can be imported into another blog. WordPress automatically sends your posts to your email too. (Make sure you subscribe for your own articles). There are other tools to backup your social media data.

Mailing List

Backup can only save your articles. But once your blog is blocked you might lose your visitors, subscribed readers, and online fans. These people may not be your friends. They are here because they like your blog and interested in your articles. You have to find a means to inform them if you change a different name for your blog or a different server. Creating a mailing list is a perfect solution.
I like MailChimp because of its great service. It is beyond a mailing list rather it is a place where you can market your blog. Subscribing 1000 users is free. You will find very good video tutorials how to use MailChimp in the official website

User your blog name for your online identity

eweket is my blog’s name. But also my facebook’s ID, my Gmail ID, my twitter is eweket. If people search for eweket, they can manage to find me in the internet. It is less probable that I might lose everything. This will help people to find me in other places and I will be able to tell people where I move my blog into.

Blog Mirroring

Have a copy of your blog. Write it in bold. Make people remember this blog name too. I usually copy my blog to as a backup. Making a mirror is important. A rat that has two holes to get in doesn’t die easily.


  1. burnox · January 13, 2012

    important point u raised

  2. lily · February 21, 2012

    Good points! Tnx dude!

    • eweket · February 21, 2012

      thanks Lily for your kind words!

  3. Dawit Worku · March 22, 2012

    God bless you bro, you really have nothing remained with u, as u gave us what u have. God bless you for that. but am here to ask u sth, most of the time i write my blogs in Amharic and many ppl tell me that they get hard reading my blogs on their pc. but some bloggers use PDF and their blogs can be read easily. here is my question, how could i do with PDF?

    • eweket · April 6, 2012

      thanks Dawit! The challenge of reading amharic blog is having a browser which doesn’t support amharic. Chrome and Firefox have amharic plugins they might use. I can’t also read amharic fonts with my Android phone..this is something we can’t do anything about it right now, or i am not fully informed about it.

      You can easily convert text files to PDF, (Acrobat Professional, and there are other free pdf converters). so you can post the pdf once you posted it into your WordPress media folder. I hope this helps.

  4. kidest · April 5, 2012

    Awesome Tips… tanx

  5. Amsenal · May 4, 2012

    Inspiring! Masterpiece! I like Ur blog!

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