It’s me!

“For nothing can be either loved or hated unless it is first known” – LD

….  eweket is about creating active, positive and informed community! Expect social blogging, tech activities, green solutions, technical advising and weird commentary.

I’m Markos Lemma. I am working with people & computers . 

Born in Ethiopia in 1984. I work on technology consultancy in Ethiopia. I co-founded iceaddis innovation hub. Currently, it reaches more than 5000 individuals. I run a literacy research program with MIT & Tuftus Universities.

I am an author at GlobalVoices.

I help to organize Barcamp Ethiopia twice. Barcamp Ethiopia – the largest tech community event in the country. I  love the active tech community and organized different events in Addis. I consider myself as activist, a collaborator, a blogger and a social media strategist – It can’t be true unless you saw me doing those! 

I DO: Community Management, Strategies & consultancy (tech & literacy), Blogging, Project Management, Collaborating, networking, public speaking.
Clients / Employers: GIZ, OLPC, IDC, MIT, Tufts, xPrize

Mentioned on: The Economist, BBC, CCTV, Al jazeera, TechCrunch, Wamda.

I AM: activist, techie

I LIKE : the new African narratives, local solutions, social innovations, networking, startup movements, Asian food

Sometimes, I judge a book by its cover. People do that time to time. So I try to remember the above quote.

If you wonder what eweket means, it is a direct translation for the word knowledge in Amharic. Oh, yeah, expect few Amharic words in my blogs too (tinesh tinesh amarigna).

The rest is determined by time. Sooner or later, either i will stop writing or you will stop reading!

Contact Me:
Email: eweket[=@=]
Skype: jobbaciy

I usually hang out online around:

ICT Cracker: ICT Cracker, a place where ICT people in Addis meet.
eLearning Ethiopia: eLearning activities in Ethiopia and worldwide
Google+, of course! I just forgot the link 😉

I usually hang out offline around: Addis & Berlin




  1. mekdi · October 6, 2009

    Marko polo i knew it was u when i see tat long quote of urs in ur office…”nothing can be lovved……bla…..bla….bla..”
    i like wat u wrote about stadium…..ere tinish tinish gudachinin debk argew..

    • eweket · October 7, 2009

      gud medebek ayawatam beye eko new.

  2. YEMA · October 8, 2009

    “gud medebek bayawatam” clearly, to make up things is another thing.
    Cmmo’m ,the story about how our street kids are supplied with……stands out as a total “made up story” for me. I understand its suppose to be sarcastic, but it surely questions your integrity!

    • eweket · October 8, 2009

      I appreciate your effort to comment on my article. But I assure you that it is not a made up story. There are indeed street kids who eat with their dogs. I don’t think someone who sleeps in a dirt tanker, and eat out of it feel bad of eating with dogs. I am not being so hard with my words, but there were / are people in Ethiopia who doesn’t even have food to eat – even dog’s food to eat. It is not a long time history people died before their cattle (fear of curse, and you tell me what is more curse than dying?) In this case, even we can assume that the dogs were survived eating the people.

      • ke · December 16, 2009

        cmon are u really this negative i bet u don’t know what the best things are in Ethiopia, what ever…. the ppl are not responsible or every thing but don’t GENERALIZE ur history as an Ethiopian history, if u don’t want to pay the bills then dont and stop hanging out with ppl who insist… i know a lot of group of friends who dont and by the way it is not that a big deal if u insist on paying it is much better than being self centered and so individualist like the neches…am not hatin but write some things that are good also or rename the blog….it is suppose to be EWEKET….about fascinating things u see in ET.

  3. eweket · December 17, 2009

    Thanks for your comment. There are few things you misunderstood.
    – I haven’t talked about Ethiopian History in my blog yet. I am talking about the present (the time you and I are living in).
    – I know what the best things are in Ethiopia. But why don’t you start a blog to write about them?
    – calling neches (whites) individualist and self-centered is harsh-generalization. For that matter, it is being a racist.

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  5. Melaketsehaye · March 1, 2011

    Mark!…I finally visited your blog! I was here and specially liked “It’s Me”…very human and insightful.

  6. eweket · March 3, 2011

    Thanks Mele for your kind comment

  7. abeta2007 · September 4, 2011

    waw!… you use thought provoking words, I really like it, such plat forms are creates a good opportunity to express our thoughts and to share with others……i need to have that…….we need to have …….we have to think on writing….so, I really like your blog because it allow me to say stg..

    I will write you more


  8. Tarig Anter · December 1, 2011

    Markos Lemma
    I want you to write on your blog and other websites an article to inform the public and to suggest to film professionals to produce a film about refugees and the wasted riches of Africa.

    Here is a typical story of tens of thousands of African refugees seeking survival and better life. It is from an Ethiopian teacher his name is “Abdirizak Mohamed Mohamoud” from Lafaisa, in the Jijiga zone. The story is at:

    I posted this real story with my comment on the the reasons that are making Africans suffer in search for better life. It is the story of all Africans. And it must make us act together to get our fair deal.
    For all those Africans who are trapped with poverty they must realize that Western and Arab countries, including the USA and European countries are not the solution but they are behind the problems that created Africa and World poverty; corruption; and armed conflicts.
    Behind every great fortune, there must be a crime, or more. Western and Arab countries devastated Africa before and they are continuing their pillage. Look at Congo; Ghana; Nigeria; Libya; Ivory Coast;…….. and all other African countries.

    There are a lot of African stories that are ignored just because they don’t serve the mainstream globalist Western media.
    I believe that the story of Abdirizak is genuine and very helpful great topic.
    It must be turned into an African movie or documentary for everybody to learn and stop dreaming of the West and look for other real solutions for Africa.

    I wish I can make this guy a hero, a model, and a celebrity.
    Please if you can help Abdirizak to become famous and successful. I will try hard to convince anybody in African film industry to turn his story to a movie or a documentary with emphasis on the looting African natural and human resources.
    Try to contact Abdirizak or find his contact address for me; and make interviews with him and collect more information and resources. I am sure this a good helpful opportunity to make fame and success. I assume, it is also possible to government support on this issue.

    Please give this subject considerable attention.

  9. andthree · December 23, 2011

    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award; hope you don’t mind.

    • eweket · December 23, 2011

      Oh man, u re awesome. I am on my phone. I will get back to you soon

  10. Tilahune Tesfaye · January 14, 2012

    This is really a good web log and it’s my first time when I visit your site Marko….. It keeps all Ethiopians as a family esp. for those who would like to share what’s on their mind about our home land…… I appreciate if we can post the positive stuff ( u see some folks are using Ethiopian’s name as an example of drought for storytelling and its our responsiblities to change this stuff)…. 24/7 fresh brains for new ideas…….keep it up

    • eweket · January 16, 2012

      many thanks Tilahune.. Come back sometime to check on the post

  11. David · April 18, 2012

    Hey I have a website, I was wondering if you could blog on my site, and make the site popular, the site is my email is

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