I am 30.

It’s been a long life.

I have doubted a lot of time moving back and forth in time thinking that if I belong to a past or a future generation. But the truth is, I am just from this generation and keep calming and lovin’ it.

Three decades of living, of course, like everyone else I asked myself what did I do with one third of my life (with Ethiopian life expectancy in 60% of my life)? And again, it’s been really a long life.

I notice my hair is getting thinner, but not as bad at Wayne Rooney. I have way more friends than Jesus at 30. He died only two years older than me. I haven’t got married nor have children but I love for the right reason and only for one reason – just for the love. I don’t own a car. But from the flower farms of Alkmaar to the base of Kilimanjaro, from the coldest top of Ankober to the warmth of Windhoek, I traveled many places I couldn’t even imagined being there.  I learnt everywhere is reachable. You see, I am not rich, but I challenged money more that it challenged me. As we defiantly have problems with counting – as money became the most countable thing when it comes to value. How about counting millions of smiles, millions of footsteps to follow & millions of music chords to listen to? All the other millions worth counting and be rich of them.  Read More