Abbay (Nile): Ethiopian Proverb

"Abby maderia yelew gind yezo yezoral" - Abbay doesn't have a place to stay but it carries "wood" around"

“Abby maderia yelew gind yezo yezoral” – Abbay doesn’t have a place to stay but it carries “wood” around”

Some Ethiopians may not know the name the current Prime Minister. But the name Abbay (Blue Nile) is the center of the Ethiopian proverb. Ethiopians adore Abbay as much as they adore Adwa victory. So as the world associate Nile to Egypt so far, in deed, Egypt is a gift of Nile, as much of Nile is a gift Ethiopia.

I would love to write in depth article about Ethiopian love to Nile. But in this blog, i attach some pictures from my last visit to the Nile falls (Abbay Fafuate). Hope you will enjoy them.  Read More