Colonization in the Eyes of Independent Ethiopia

The African Union building, Addis Ababa

The African Union building, Addis Ababa

The Economist posted an article about an ideological competition between two diametrically opposed economic models – Ethiopian & Kenyan. I am not writing this blog to comment on this article. Though, I get inspiration to touch one of the most sensitive issues of massive contradiction of being colonialized and independent. This is one card most Ethiopians should be very careful to play with our African friends.

Ethiopia celebrates Adwa. We have millions of reasons to do so. This war was the beginning of the end of colonization. The price of war is high. We cannot ever understand what price our forefathers and foremothers paid to keep us free. We are independent. Ethiopians throughout any recorded history regarded as great worriers and peace seekers. It’s positive and something we need to keep telling our children.

But did our Adwa victory made us arrogant and insensitive when it comes to colonization? I have noticed from many online threads and on rather hot discussions with fellow Africans, we divert talking about colonization and salivary as a tool to argue our current affairs. This is both unfair and old fashioned.

I bet the Ethiopian school system should thoroughly revise the African history syllabus. There is complete ignorance in that area. You being an African, how could you make fun of the consequences (real or perceived) of colonialism on Africa? It is unacceptable! Menelik’s victory in Adwa is taught in classes and celebrated across Africa. And yet, you instead of sharing the pain of colonialism in Africa  you seem to make fun of it and blame the victim for it with brutal insensitivity. Do you even know anything about the colonial wars in Kenya? – LeoPanther, comment at the Economist

Ethiopia couldn’t really be free while the rest of Africa is under colonialism.

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