When the Ethiopian Social Media Lack the Humor

It is funny how people take things seriously. Seriously!??!

It starts with the death of PM Meles Zenawi. You know the funny thing about his death is that he died with Justifribilasis Fatilosis – Scientists discovered a new diseases in Belgium. I didn’t mean to say Scientists, but I guess many people might accept it when scientists say something.

But this is Ethiopia, you don’t need to wait until scientists say.

Someone jokes. Without even mentioning a word “scientist” or “bible”, more than 1,400 people shared it on their Facebook profile, and 100 something people forward R.I.P messages – it is so cute!

I couldn’t access the original post because some of the websites are blocked in Ethiopia – why they don’t let us enjoy the nice jokes these days? – but this is not a joke. I mean seriously, why do they block websites? Don’t we all have common senses?

A friend of mine tweeted,

I would have re-tweeted as “….the information coming from the bloody diaspora…” [emphasis is obviously mine]. I hope i am not risking loosing my lovely twitter followers. I am learning from Nasser. Lol

The Ethiopian diaspora still need to prove their position right in Ethiopian political scene. I am not harsh generalizing. I am only referring to the English speaking diaspora though, and Amharic. My spanish isn’t good enough to follow people on twitter.

What were the other words? But before that …. another friend posted on his Facebook timeline.

I just checked with a few ‘credible’ sources and they have confirmed that the MIA premier Meles Zenawi is now both alive and dead, which is one of his many achievements they say. My first source is a physicist who mentioned sth about a Schrödinger’s cat and parallel universes. The other source is a theologian who mentioned a well-kept secret about a limbo for dictators. Jokes aside, we Ethiopians seem to be at a crossroads. Change (positive or otherwise) seems to be in the air. Let’s all hope we don’t get to witness bloodshed in vain. And ETV (or what was that Ministry… yes responsible for the ETViopia newspeak??… yes Ministry of Misinformation and Miscommunication) — please say something!!!

After 20 shares and 50 something comments from different micro-bloggers, the author of the above post had to comment again. But this time around, with Urrr tone.

I feel you my friend. There is a life a after death, people! Politics isn’t a religion. We need to do the talk while talking right. If you don’t trust me today, okay, hear it from another person.

True. But i can be a senior insultant sometimes.

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