Effective Silence: #rp12, #travel, #collaborate

I didn’t update my blog for more than 6o days. I have been suffering with a phobia of click on “Add New Post”. It wasn’t that I spent those days without interesting activities, rather, lack of interest on working on volunteer tasks. But I am fully back. [whatever it means]. If you care what were my major activities in the last 2 months, here are some pictures.

re:publica | Berlin

I travelled to Berlin to Speak on the conference called re:publica (#rp12).

The motto for “Germany’s largest and most prominent conference on the future of our society and all things digital” this year is ACT!ON.

Analog twitter wall: “re:publica without a twitter wall would be like a church without a cross”

Talking about the Ethiopian bloggers

somewhere 🙂 in Berlin, with Sabrina Huschka

icebauhaus | Weimar

222km from Berlin, Weimar is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Bauhaus is known for world-class design and Architectural studies and once the innovative architect and artist community was a focus of international debate.

I launched ZeroAward innovation competition with Jörn Schultz at icebauhaus.

Goethe’s house in Weimar

Into the Sea | Egmond ann Zee

Egmond aan Zee is a village on the North Sea coast in the Dutch province of North Holland.

Egmond aan Zee has been a popular seaside resort since the beginning of the 20th century, when it was well known for its healthy and clear sea air


I met Bill & Ben at VC4Africa office in Amsterdam

Cheese baby | Alkmaar

Alkmaar is well known for its traditional cheese market

Yewenze lij | Cairo

icecairo – The green connection meetup by the Nile River

– with Sarah A. Yusuf @Cairo

OIAS | Nairobi

Jussi Hinkkanen at the OIAS2 summit

iHub, Nairobi with Sarah A. Yusuf


  1. sirarmany · July 23, 2012

    I was wondering the other day, I didn’t see mark that much hmmm i remember why 😉 Awesome busy in the best way possible.

    • eweket · July 23, 2012

      Yes! if you think writing is easy, ask Sara Suker 😉

  2. Dawit Worku · July 24, 2012

    Hey Ewket, I am so pleased to know you visited Germany, the Aryan City.

    • Dawit Worku · July 24, 2012

      I am also waiting for you to hear what all about the conference.

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