London 2012: Ethiopian Olympic Team

London is calling – both Ethiopian and Kenyan Athletes. It is not randmely that i started to compare these two countries. The competition between Ethiopia and Kenya is highly anticipated when it comes to long distance. Ethiopia used to dominate the long distance running, but this seems not to happen anymore. Recently, Kenyan athletes dominate the long distance which was entirely untouchable from the Ethiopians few years back. In the mean time, Ethiopia is bringing new athletes for middle distance running that Kenyans are well known for. Is #london2012 for Ethiopians or Kenyans? Read More

Effective Silence: #rp12, #travel, #collaborate

I didn’t update my blog for more than 6o days. I have been suffering with a phobia of click on “Add New Post”. It wasn’t that I spent those days without interesting activities, rather, lack of interest on working on volunteer tasks. But I am fully back. [whatever it means]. If you care what were my major activities in the last 2 months, here are some pictures.

re:publica | Berlin

I travelled to Berlin to Speak on the conference called re:publica (#rp12).

The motto for “Germany’s largest and most prominent conference on the future of our society and all things digital” this year is ACT!ON.

Analog twitter wall: “re:publica without a twitter wall would be like a church without a cross”

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