Domestic Workers are Suffering in Middle East, and in Ethiopia

Photo credit: When we stand together, facebook group

Media coverages on abuse of domestic workers elevate after the unfortunate news heard about Alem Dechasa who was publicly harassed by a lebanon guy. Recently, the guardian posts an interesting article about Alem’s family after her tragic death.

The lebanon’s daily star newsletter strongly criticizing the Lebanon government and its labour policy. In the latest article, Lebanon’s ways are sponsoring suicide, states Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Teddy Afro’s New Album

Photo credit: DireTube/Fortune newsletter

Addis Fortune newspaper reports that Teddy Afro’s album realises on the eve of Ethiopian Easter. A million copies sold from his last album. It is everyone’s question if he hits the music industry one more time. There are interesting articles coming up about Teddy Afro – one is from the new magazine 360_One_world mag with Beate Wedekind. In my blog post I mention five reasons why you need to consider buying his new album titled – ‘Tikur Sew’ Read More