A Trip to a Mysterious Egg Bridge

The sign made by the lodge next to the bridge. Obviously, they want to attract turists mentioning that the bridge is built in 16th century

Ethiopia as a country is full of mysteries. The old nation holds so many unanswered questions. The finding of the True Cross, the Tomb of St. Mary, the origin of human kind, the new ocean birth and Such.

Recently, I visited a place known as “A Portuguese Bridge” or “The Egg Bridge”. 110 kms from Addis Ababa to the direction of Debre Liabones, you will find the hidden bridge.

A lot of scholars try to investigate when it was built and by whom and what kind of materials it was used. One of the comprehensive studies made by J.J. Hespeler-Boultbee who is an Art & Architectural Historian and Associate of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University. Read More