Citizen Media and You – Part I

When the first time Internet was introduced to Ethiopia it was not actually planned for Ethiopians. The main goal was to reach the tourists and encourage Ethiopian tourism. Currently, less than 1% of the populations have access to the Internet, one of the least in the world.

As it was originally intended, Internet remained around foreigners, and foreign organizations. In early millinuem diaspora Ethiopians and college students start to use Yahoo! Mail services and pen pal sites (probably one of the first social media platforms in the world) as day to day Internet use. With 56kps modem connection, only the international organizations and universities were enjoying the relatively faster connection. Yahoo! Still remains the main email service in Ethiopia until now even the Ministers use it as an official email correspondence. Read More

I Need My ThinkPad Back

Last week my laptop’s motherboard crashed and I couldn’t get a replacement so far (ThinkPad isn’t a common brand in Ethiopia). In result of this ,my productivity has been highly affected in the last few days. Keep in mind that I have a 4G HTC smartphone and a Motorola Xoom tablet.

My productivity decreases almost by 50% since my laptop crashed. The graph above is just the general illustration when you don’t have a laptop or when you get a new laptop. Read More