Haile Gerima’s Sons of Payton

It is my first time to write a movie review. I watched Teza last night and it blew me out. To start with, this movie came out to the cinema in 2008 . Don’t take it on me. I am quite frustrated by the quality of Ethiopian movies and this one came for the rescue. The cinematography of this movie is wonderful and beautifully Ethiopian. The casting is fantastic. It is another proves that Haile Gerima is a natural filmmaker.

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Ethiopian Blogosphere: the Smallest in the World?

Ethiopia is one of the least represented countries on the internet.  According to the ITU2009 report only 0.4% of the populations have access to the information on the internet. The traffic generated by Ethiopian sites has been limited. This makes the country less favorable to online businesses. Content is indeed king.

A few months ago Joern and I made a little research and we found out that Ethiopia had less than 20 bloggers in the country. Read More