Contributing for GlobalVoices

I joined the GlobalVoices international bloggers community.  It is exciting to be part of the biggest blogging network in the world. Enalk and I are now analyzing and reporting major incidents and trending on Ethiopian social media.

My first post is about Aberash Hailay’s case. She is an Ethiopian Airlines flight attendant whose ex-husband, Fisseha Tadesse, stabbed both her eyes with a knife. Ethiopian activists are using the Internet to call for justice for Aberash Hailay … the full story

You can follow featured Ethiopian stories at –

Authors @ GV – Thanks! for the welcoming messages.

The Ethiopian blog-sphere is one of the smallest in the world. There are less than 30 bloggers in the country. Most of the Ethiopian media represented by traditional media and diaspora bloggers overseas. But blogging has its own rewards.

The website trying to strength and promote the Ethiopian bloggers’ network. If you want to start blogging or already have a blog to promote, contact via 


  1. manenomatamu · October 23, 2011

    Great work and good to see you here! I actually follow you and Enalk on Global Voices Online.

    Cheers from Kenya!

    • eweket · October 24, 2011

      Thanks! it is great to discover your blog too.. you are doing a fantastic job. I really enjoy the initiative and i hope many African writers and poets start to appreciate the platform and really use it

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