How to Setup Online Radio Station

A few months ago I setup online radio streaming for EiABC FM which is running by students to the world.  The EiABC radio has many listeners online than inside the campus. Setting up the online radio is pretty straight forward and there are very cool open-source solutions for it. Sheger FM uses proprietary software. I don’t know how much they pay, but obviously it is expensive compare to $0.0 price what we get from a Linux world.

Before I go to the details, I would like to discuss why we need online radio streaming in Ethiopia.

First off, we don’t have enough independent radio stations. To involve in broadcasting business is quite a hassle.  High and unnecessary censorship and it is hard to obtain licenses for mass media purposes. Most radio stations are extremely boring. There are no options in terms of language flexibility and most stations they only care to fill up the air time instead of the quality of the contents.

If you are serious about broadcasting your own radio right from your computer or if you own a radio station and want to have the online steaming service, here is the trick.

What do you need?

  • A computer (Serve as a radio streaming server)
  • A Microphone (most laptop computers have integrated Mic)
  • Public IP address (Can be purchased from the telecom)

How to setup the Server?

How to dedicated Icecast Server

What are the files you need to download?

Edcast Standalone (.exe)
iceCast2 (.exe)

One comment

  1. fegul · October 12, 2011

    You’ll also need a good connection with significant upstream bandwidth depending on the quality you’ll be streaming at (or use the services of a CDN to relay your stream)

    I didn’t realize it was so difficult to get a license for a radio station in Ethiopia, good to know.

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