Contributing for GlobalVoices

I joined the GlobalVoices international bloggers community.  It is exciting to be part of the biggest blogging network in the world. Enalk and I are now analyzing and reporting major incidents and trending on Ethiopian social media.

My first post is about Aberash Hailay’s case. She is an Ethiopian Airlines flight attendant whose ex-husband, Fisseha Tadesse, stabbed both her eyes with a knife.  Read More

Just Buddies

It is way dramatic.

In day to day life, there is some progress. Bad or good; High or low; Slow or rapid – But a progress.

The Chinese people say, “It doesn’t matter if you go slowly as long as you keep on going”. I can’t agree more. But the truth is I hate slow life. I hate it so much that I feel like choosing to stop instead. Read More

How to Setup Online Radio Station

A few months ago I setup online radio streaming for EiABC FM which is running by students to the world.  The EiABC radio has many listeners online than inside the campus. Setting up the online radio is pretty straight forward and there are very cool open-source solutions for it. Sheger FM uses proprietary software. I don’t know how much they pay, but obviously it is expensive compare to $0.0 price what we get from a Linux world. Read More