Sit And Wait, I Will Come And Eat You

The last few days were very hectic. I admit my desk is of full of assignments. I am accepting tasks more than I should. I knew I was busy when I missed the demarcation between morning and afternoon – my lunch.

Hectic with boredom is a catastrophe.

Look, I started to watch TV series . Not just a TV show. The Vampire diaries. You don’t even imagine watching such TV show when you have 58 days summer break. I did. The whole weekend long I was talking about the “originals”. I’m even having this crazy idea of stopping writing this blog and go watch the next episode. Who is going to protect Elena otherwise?

Thank God it is Monday. People kept posting TGIFs on their facebook wall. It is not for me to judge if an adult person should write on the wall or not – though, my mom will definitely have problems if I slip these words once – that I wrote in my wall. “Are you still writing on the wall? When are you going to be a grown up?”. Right! Mommy. But this is the last thing I am worried about now. I am worried about TGIFs. Please friends stop posting this on your wall. Please No! Weekend is killing me.

What should move on? Life or me? Vampires say they live enough and talk about 513 years. I’m 27. It’s been long life. No worries, I am not writing my last blog or at least, I already wrote this sentence after the “No worries” but I feel like I am sitting and waiting.

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