Climate Innovation Center in Ethiopia

Last Wednesday I participated in a full day workshop about “designing climate innovation center (CIC) in Ethiopia. The workshop was organized by the World Bank Group’s infoDev. The theme of the workshop was “Accelerating clean technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Ethiopia”. Ethiopian CIC will address local barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship in climate and agricultural sectors.

The need for “Green growth” in Ethiopia is enormous. The western world’s previous philosophy of grow first and clean the mess afterwards doesn’t help much on the current environmental situation. Read More

Sit And Wait, I Will Come And Eat You

The last few days were very hectic. I admit my desk is of full of assignments. I am accepting tasks more than I should. I knew I was busy when I missed the demarcation between morning and afternoon – my lunch.

Hectic with boredom is a catastrophe.

Look, I started to watch TV series . Not just a TV show. The Vampire diaries. You don’t even imagine watching such TV show when you have 58 days summer break. I did. The whole weekend long I was talking about the “originals”. I’m even having this crazy idea of stopping writing this blog and go watch the next episode. Who is going to protect Elena otherwise? Read More


by Melon Adamou

A few years ago, I came upon this TV ad of some airline company with a question as a motto. “When is the last time you did something for the first time? “ Ever since then, I have been obsessed with this question. And every now and then I remind myself of that question and go wild to find something new and eventually I get upset at myself, one for not answering the question and two for reminding myself about this topic.

All in all, this fixation of mine is there for a reason. I guess this is how I see or want to see my existence. I want it to be a map for my life. And on that map, every day I would like to take these three roads: something foolish, something creative and something generous. And at the end of each day when I will be standing at the intersection and look back on the miles I have covered, I think that will be my moment of a big sigh. There I will be standing erect with my chin up like the number 7. Read More

This Post Is Freshly Pressed

I admit.

I sometimes think the guys at WordPress focuses on bloggers from USA and Canada – Ask them if you want.  Though, I never complained about the quality of the posts they have been selecting for Freshly Pressed.

Each weekday, we select about ten new blog posts for the Freshly Pressed section of the homepage. These posts represent how WordPress can be used to entertain, enlighten, or inspire. Read More