Ethio telecom: The Internet Service Provider Which Doesn’t Use Internet

A lot of efforts have been made from the online community via different platforms and social networks for ethio telecom to enhance the internet service. Though from my personal experience, things are getting worse instead of getting better.

I created a facebook group called ETC sucks which has now nearly 600 members. I personally read many of the posts which is full of great suggestions and of course full of exhausted and frustrated customers.

In addition to that, the official ETC fan page doesn’t seem like owned by Ethio telecom anymore. One of the recent posts stated,

Here comes the confession guys [,] I thought that this nonsense company will improve itself as well as its service internally and externally and I did posted lots supportive issues but what is really happening here is that completely antagonistic am also one causality of Ethio Telecom’s reshuffling program I just want to say “DAMN YOU ET.

Where does this kind of frustration come from? It is obvious that the Ethio telecom doesn’t use internet for their communication. Sounds paradox but fairly true.

The only media Ethio telecom use internet is via its webpage, which is down most of the time and actually doesn’t have any vital content in it. It never gets updated regularly too.

The telecom never owns a twitter, Facebook page, a blog, forum, technology showroom, online support, networked customer service and not even standard traditional media strategies. Once in a while, the customers received SMSs which very repetitive and with annoyingly unattractive format.

The telecom should seriously consider giving the general public a right to communicate to each other.

As many people agreed, and the Ethiopian history clearly showed that most of current economical and social problems came from closing the nation from the outside world. The kings at that time were busy with much external interference and couldn’t do much except closing the boarders and guarding the country. This was the best idea at that time that Ethiopia had many enemies who wanted to take its resources. Though, the result is rather poverty and backwardness. The way, Ethiopia closed itself from the world; the world closed itself from Ethiopia – sad story!

I am afraid to tell you this, but it is still happening. The world is moving so fast with information technologies, telecommunications and innovations. Ethiopia still closed itself from the external world – thanks to Ethio telecom! The result is rather the same.

More poverty. More backwardness.


  1. Fegul · July 29, 2011

    I was hoping that the management contract with France Telecom/Orange would help to alleviate these issues and improve customer interaction but it’s looking like progress is slower than I had hoped.

    I’m very happy that they scrapped the ridiculous matrix of tariffs for a flat rate as well as signed onto the SEACOM submarine cable to increase available bandwidth but I haven’t seen much on the sales side to encourage and foster ICT entrepreneurship through the services they offer (which would stand to increase their revenue)

    I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone in enterprise sales at Ethio Telecom for months but there are no email addresses to contact on their site and the embassy here has been slow to respond. Meanwhile, the telephone service is worse than it was three years ago when I was last there! What is the hold up?

    • eweket · July 29, 2011

      Fegul, thanks for your comment. What is the hold up is quite a simple question to answer. Actually, all the incompetence came from monopoly, wrong strategies (you have no idea how many times they changed the backbone say for telephone). Everything has been done (sadly still now) without any proper study and plan. Above all, Ethio telecom’s resistance to accept its incompetence rather focusing on censorship, bureaucratic methodologies and unprofessional ICT management.

      It is easy to consider outsourcing the management to Orange, connecting to SEACOM and less tariff as a progress. But on the grassroots, it is more mismanaged, slower and more expensive.

      thanks again for dropping by.

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  5. Bemnet · October 3, 2011

    I want to point our Economic history.China began it’s rapid growth only when it opened its doors to forignets in 1978.India starts to grow rapidly only when it opend its door to the outside world in the 1990’s.
    ETC is one of worest organizations in Ethiopia. How can an internet for pictures and words _no video,youtube_costs 10 cents per minute ,in a country where a salary of 300-400 is common .

  6. amentebullo · January 5, 2012

    Point made!

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