No! We Cannot Cheat Death

One of the most striking facts in life is this – it is not possible to get used to death.

We probably heard a thousand times how everyone will die at the end; that humans are immortal; that death will knock everyone’s door sooner or later. So why is so hard to accept when it comes to us?

This weekend, I went to Langanoo with group of friends – students from EiABC. I was helping this group to setup the online radio streaming for their station. They were preparing a retreat event for team building and fun. Mulugeta (the general manager) invited me to be part of it. I accept it without thinking twice. Trust me the reason that I joined them was to have fun – which I did, even though it didn’t last longer.

Friday: Day 1

I packed so fast, faster than the usual. Nevertheless, I didn’t forget anything. That’s the problem of packing fast. You would have more than you should. I wasn’t so scared of students joke – I have Isaac with me from AIESEC, and Teddy. You would probably hear his name once again and I dedicated this blog entry to him.

“Oh, many boys than girls”, remarks from Samson, another AIESEC guy who stayed in Addis with his crew. Which didn’t bother me so much – ah, something pretty obvious.

“Two sheep, great”, one guy which I don’t remember now said those words. Great! We are going to eat them later.

What a trip.

The driver warmed up the engine and a road trip ahead, just like the way I like it. I pretty like roads.

I was the one who asked the tough question about the lazy guy, who took the elevator when it rains, and takes the stairs when it doesn’t – trust me, the answer isn’t that easy. But the question was, why?

Saturday: Day 2

Isaac started a team building game. I usually suck in games. Seriously, I win games when I play in the group. The game was over and the first position was taken by the general manager. Mulugeta was passionate about every activity what was happening in there. I wasn’t surprised seeing him winning – Dude, Adey destructed me! Try me next time

The next game was even interesting – not only because of the nature of the game. We were playing next to the lake. In the beach.  I am very sensitive to water. In another term, when I hear the wave making such a good sound, I could only imagine myself naked jump into it.

Rugby was the last game.

All the games were ended. Teddy and I were in the winning team. I wasn’t surprised.

“Let’s get in”, swimming time, Kids.

I wasn’t the first person to get into the water. I was freaking tired. Rugby does that for you, by the way. The water was lovely. The weather is exactly how you wish your vacation weather feels like.

A couple of hours passed.  Five friends left for the other side of the lake. No wonder, the other side was really great. The wave was nicer; it was more fresh and relaxing.

Half an hour later. Omer, one of the students, came with crazy short breaths. I thought, he was kidding.

“Teddy has drowned.”

“You are joking, right?”

“No, I am not.” he left me to look for help. He was running much faster than before while he was playing Rugby. I did the same. I ran to the other side of the lake.

The four guys were standing confused. It felt like they completely felt powerless – only one of them could swim. Something like me, not really like a pro. Then, I arrived. No Teddy. I wish to see part of him, his head or hand. He wasn’t there. He was gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. For some minutes, without even knowing what, I was heading to the water. I just realized when my feet were hanging in the air. It was deep. Later, we discovered that it is actually 45m deep – I hate volcanic lakes!

I went out. Looking for divers. Where are the bloody life-savers? I hated the lodge too. No marks indicating the depth of the water, no divers, no life-savers, no nothing!

Sunday: Day three and Monday: Day four

Starvation days.

We die.

In so many ways, death is part of our life. Our body can’t carry our soul for long. There are infinite times when our soul to be by itself. If we can’t avoid what is unavoidable, it is better to stop asking why.

Rest in peace, Teddy!


  1. Banchi · July 24, 2011

    This is the saddest accident ever!!! God bless his soul.!!!

  2. Passerby · November 7, 2011

    May Tedy rest in peace!! to the blogger, it is not enough to just write what happened. You should do more to educate the owner’s of the lodge and the government body in charge.

    You said: “.. No marks indicating the depth of the water, no divers, no life-savers, no nothing! .” How about you take this statement further to prevent more precious life from being lost in the future.

    Write a letter to the owner of the lodge/government body in charge: to have a Big Clear Written Sign warning people about the depth of the water and to have a Life Guard/divers on site ready to save people if accidentally drowned. I know, most likely no owner or government body will take this seriously and do it in a few minutes but do your part and push harder. This is one simple way of teaching our people how things are done in developed countries and avoid unnecessary lose of life.

    Can you imagine how needlessly people in Ethio lose their life, their money, their property all because some silly reasons or causes?

    • eweket · November 8, 2011

      Thanks for passing by. You are absolutely right. Writing a blog isn’t just enough even though the task of the blogger is to show the incidents and identify where the gap is : it is more like awaking task and for others to react in a way which will create a positive prevention in the future – in this regard, i believe i met my target. Yet, as you already reacted, it is not enough… blogs are talks, and interactions – it is a process not a result! i will try to point out more of these kind of ignorance if possible (not always easy) also to go for the next step – contacting the responsible body. thanks again for your comment and concern!!

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