Hope Is Not A Strategy

By Melon Adamou

I recently put “Hope is not a strategy” as my status on my Facebook wall. Few people liked it, other didn’t pay attention to it (or me) and some were bothered by it. An angry acquaintance popped through my chat and gave me a one minute speech. I haven’t talked to this person in a year and 5 random little words awakened him from whatever place he was. I laughed about it. Laughed because he took at heart what I said (Not that I didn’t believe what I wrote). I find it amusing to throw controversial status here and there because of the level of reaction I get.

Call me attention seeker; I would like to call myself a “driver of the human reaction”. It always amazes me how statuses, comments, pictures offend some. We take Facebook seriously. I understand the whole saga on the importance of social media and how the things you say, post reflects you. I am a strong fan of Facebook and Twitter or should I say a laid back lover of social media. I opinionate on friends’ statuses, tease or praise them on some pictures, read, look and pass on necessary info, chit chat with some, take quizzes here and there and that is just about it. The trouble starts when we hold a grudge on what someone commented on my wall, a friend didn’t wish us a happy birthday or didn’t chat with you or didn’t comment on the hot profile picture you just posted. Or even when you post your personal phone number-for me, that is a little bit desperate and silly.

You see, that wouldn’t have mattered if you didn’t have an account, you probably wouldn’t remember these people in your day to day life. It shouldn’t mean something because we have something now. It should matter coz that is how we think, we act and are. It is not about Facebook, it should be about you. It is not about the number of your friends list but the quality of it. I should have said we take social media seriously for the wrong reasons. Or go back and say it again, we take Facebook seriously. It matters enough to write about it. LOL.

About the Guest Author

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. And yes I plan on living forever and so far, so good.”

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