The Neat Guy in the Airplane

I was in an airplane. I saw a young man who wore a very clean white shirt. His shirt was snow clean – not even a dot of dirt on it. That’s not the point. Though, it is already seem unhealthy to be someone completely neat 😉 For my horror he sat next to me. The middle seat was free, for some reason the person who was sitting there transferred to the first class. It has its own story.

But this story began with a free middle sit and a neat guy next to me.

Well, it didn’t disturb me at all. I was enjoying the view of clouds, which was unfolded like a majestic curtain outside the window. What started to annoy me was the fact that the guy took over the free space. I mean, first he placed his camera on it. Then, all his stuff, one by one. I know from the beginning that I don’t have anything to place there – may be my jacket. But it wasn’t that clean that I didn’t dare to make it anywhere closer to the tidy guy. What made me uncomfortable was, he kept looking at me and the camera; one second to the other his eyes never been taken away from these two items. – Sorry one is a person.

Let me get a little back from the story. He didn’t only have clean shirt, he also has a kind of pink eyebrow (who has that?) I didn’t. Neither everyone in airplane. As far as I know, none in the world. He started to tighten his left hand with the camera’s strap. At this point, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

So I went like, “Work around your mind dude. Learn before it is too late. Not all Africans are thieves”

He felt offended with my remark. Part of it because he thought I couldn’t say a word and now I did and I am not just one of them. Part of it is because he had this hearing aid on his ear and he didn’t hear me straight. To start with, I don’t want to own his camera for the obvious reasons. Especially, I don’t want to have his pictures – please, not for the world. I am sure 85% of the pictures are pictures of kids who don’t have pants.

At some point, I needed a place to put my jacket onto. So I put it on the free seat. Apparently, his camera was still there and I put down on it. I will see if he has courage to push away my jacket. I’m getting curious. LOL

NOTE: At the end this is what happened: the hostess forgot to take the dishes out of my table (well, the table is attached to the chair in front of me – so I couldn’t say my table) then I was writing this piece of article. When I turn around, the clean guy was trying to call the hostess so that she will help me to take the empty dishes. So she came. I passed the dirty cups to him. He took it. He gave it to her. That’s probably the closest he got in to the dirt-world. I took my jacket off.


  1. sukersays · July 4, 2011

    loll what an idiot he is! you should have said more, OR took out ur own camera and show him that you’ve got your own!!

    • eweket · July 4, 2011

      well, my previous blog post about me being broke… i didn’t have a better one.. nothing to show off! Wasn’t it enough if i just laughed at him… he was too funny lol

  2. Elyas Mulu Kiros · July 6, 2011

    For some reason, I wanted more from this piece! … dont get me wrong, I like it how it started and ended, but I still want more … I guess I was expecting some fist fight … 🙂 along the lines of the hostess mistakenly splashing the left over juice from your plastic glass or something on his neat shirt …

    • eweket · July 7, 2011

      Elyas, lol… i also wanted to be finished a bit differently. But i could only reflect only what happened

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