Ethio telecom: The Internet Service Provider Which Doesn’t Use Internet

A lot of efforts have been made from the online community via different platforms and social networks for ethio telecom to enhance the internet service. Though from my personal experience, things are getting worse instead of getting better.

I created a facebook group called ETC sucks which has now nearly 600 members. I personally read many of the posts which is full of great suggestions and of course full of exhausted and frustrated customers.

In addition to that, the official ETC fan page doesn’t seem like owned by Ethio telecom anymore. One of the recent posts stated, Read More

No! We Cannot Cheat Death

One of the most striking facts in life is this – it is not possible to get used to death.

We probably heard a thousand times how everyone will die at the end; that humans are immortal; that death will knock everyone’s door sooner or later. So why is so hard to accept when it comes to us?

This weekend, I went to Langanoo with group of friends – students from EiABC. I was helping this group to setup the online radio streaming for their station. They were preparing a retreat event for team building and fun. Mulugeta (the general manager) invited me to be part of it. I accept it without thinking twice. Trust me the reason that I joined them was to have fun – which I did, even though it didn’t last longer. Read More

Hope Is Not A Strategy

By Melon Adamou

I recently put “Hope is not a strategy” as my status on my Facebook wall. Few people liked it, other didn’t pay attention to it (or me) and some were bothered by it. An angry acquaintance popped through my chat and gave me a one minute speech. I haven’t talked to this person in a year and 5 random little words awakened him from whatever place he was. I laughed about it. Laughed because he took at heart what I said (Not that I didn’t believe what I wrote). I find it amusing to throw controversial status here and there because of the level of reaction I get. Read More

Present: The Summery of Our Being

After even all this civilization, we haven’t created enough choices for ourselves. And the many choices we created, they only left us with stress and uncertainty. The tools we have made, and the way we use them, only improved our activities but worsen our human characteristic.

Barcamp Ethiopia 2011: On Creation of a Dynamic Community

On September 2010 some 350 people got together and discussed different issues, collaborating on different areas of discipline, creating a strong network towards their profession, business and future projects. Happy faces all around. Inspired people and positive outcomes were expressions of the success. Young people, who also know how to have fun, make connections. Above all, gathering of positive people who can make a real and sustainable change. Read More

The Neat Guy in the Airplane

I was in an airplane. I saw a young man who wore a very clean white shirt. His shirt was snow clean – not even a dot of dirt on it. That’s not the point. Though, it is already seem unhealthy to be someone completely neat 😉 For my horror he sat next to me. The middle seat was free, for some reason the person who was sitting there transferred to the first class. It has its own story.

But this story began with a free middle sit and a neat guy next to me. Read More