Something in Me Tells Me That I will Be a Millionaire Soon.

Look where I came from.

I lost my ATM card. Don’t think anything crazy if you have it. I only have couple of hundreds. I went to the shops to look around this morning. You see, I am not the only person who does that. Shopping doesn’t mean literally shopping. It also means hang around, sport and even a place where to meet people – people usually talk about how nice some products are.

I encountered this girl one time in supermarket. She said, “The chocolates in here are not very nice, but the one I ‘saw’ looks very nice”. For some minutes I felt like she was trying to make me jealous that I didn’t see it first. I don’t obviously have time to go around checking all the crazy chocolates. But discovering a nice product in the supermarket shouldn’t be a success. Should it?

The fact that I was hanging around the market this morning is because I was broke. Okay, I got few in my ATM which I don’t have the card now, and all my fantasies to drive the one of these cars – you know which I am talking about – and enjoying Bahamas with the Prime Minister (Oops, he doesn’t stay in one place long ‘leka’) and all these huge fantasies in my mind gone just because I am broke. I am more thinking like who is going to pay for my taxi tonight. I shouldn’t care much. We have crazy tradition of helping each other right? So, my friend has a social responsibility to feed me every day. Ah, ‘neg bene’

The government doesn’t have anything to do about it. I mean, I am broke. It can’t be the governments fault in any account. The government should take care of the PM. I mean, it starts with the House. May be, my boss, yes, he should do something about it. You know, he got the power to increase my salary and my responsibility. The problem is I can’t have both. I have to choose between. I have many things to worry about – especially my Bahamas trip. How can I take more responsibilities? God, I am broke!

Look where I am heading to.

My Lithuanian online friend once asked me if I am the son of the king – well said sister. As she explained it, if people don’t have shoes to wear in my country, how come I have internet 24/7. I even have a TV. I’m the prince. Actually, who knows I am even the king. It is possible to lead the country from the plane anyway.

Friends, if you really worried about my financial status, you know, I can afford to take a taxi; a flight. I promise, I will come where you are. I also have got millions of great ideas. Imagine if one worth one dollar.

Look where I am.


  1. sukersays · June 27, 2011

    ii love the blog, especially the title. lol something tells me i’m going to be a millionaire too. 😉 I also have great ideas. mayb we should really talk about some. i think u once said that u have movie making friends… ? lets chat. loll

  2. eweket · June 27, 2011

    let me guess…. you want to have a movie called “Forbidden Love” – my film maker friends are ready to do it a reality!!

    • sukersays · June 29, 2011

      awesome! I’ll definitely give u a call over the weekend to discuss. 😉 (trying to sound all formal)

      • eweket · June 29, 2011

        so, you really take the movie project seriously? that’s cool… i am on board 🙂

  3. nebiyou · June 28, 2011

    you have never written such a story man, i wish you can be broke most of the time, so we can have more things to read about your thoughts, but about the chocolate part, you almost got me dreaming all the chocolate i know, my mind just started animating all the brands in 5D, i think the girl told you cause she wanted you to buy her some, imagine what the refunds would be, that would make u a millionaire in kissbonds, and you would have come with a better story than the “Forbidden Love”

    • eweket · June 30, 2011

      thanks man! too much kind words for the broke guy

  4. Elena Gaffurini · July 1, 2011

    I like it!

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