I Bore Myself, Laziness, Uniqueness Phobia, and Such

June, in the third week.

It seems that this week has been very interesting so far. Joern is leaving to Berlin for good. My girlfriend is on vacation in Holland with her mom and Ramy’s girlfriend Alex is coming to Ethiopia for the next three months (Great! this how to lose a guy in 3 and half days 🙂 )

Many activities here folks, except one huge problem – I don’t have any appetite to write a blog.

I gave many reasons to myself. You know, those reasons that you give to yourself that you frankly know deep inside that those are not the actual once. I kept telling myself, I suck when I write blogs (which I do time to time), and there is nothing to write about; I am not truly motivated (Hell no! come on, I only need to watch Ethiopian movies – problem solved. I would be mad enough to write a book, not just a blog post) and then, nobody really reads. (It is pretty true; I read an article in the internet that people usually never read from the internet – only skimming)

So Skim-mers, I write this to show myself that I can. Then, now I don’t even have anything else to say.


Why did I mention Ethiopian movies above? Now, all these things are coming to me that I fancy to list down the problems out there. Bear with me. Ethiopian movie industry is quite a failure in many aspects. You can start from how it suffers with uniqueness phobia and then the lost spectators (The viewers are as carp as the movie makers – whom do you blame, the person who creates junks or who takes it with him?). Ouch! I almost felt the pain of genuine film-makers. How mad they can be with the general public when their efforts go in vain with people’s lack of understanding. I can continue listing all the fundamental problems like low budgeting (rude excuse: if you don’t have enough budgets don’t start producing); no movie critics. It is crucial for the movie industry to guard the general public to get what it deserves. It is profitable too.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect anyone who genuinely worked to produce something great and failed. I only get mad with people who produce insanely bad movies and successful.

It is Friday. The weekend is here. God, help me not to watch an Ethiopian movie.


  1. sirarmany · June 17, 2011

    wow love it so much dude your sarcasm is killer. You are not gone loose me 😉 A very good block . i think you write better when you tap into your darkside.

  2. kALKIDAN · June 17, 2011

    wow Mark ,,it seems like you are speaking my mind ,,, i mean am not trying to be pessimist but ,,, our movies except some are really annoying ,,and not really localized with ethiopia custom, tradition, attitude, way of living and so on ,,, sometimes i wana write a movie ,,cos i get mad ,… but unfortunately i cannot do that cos ,, am not a writer ,,,


    • eweket · June 17, 2011

      i am blinking my eyes with disbelief. it is flattering to read your comment Kal. Thanks, thanks!!!

  3. Deep Ethiopian · June 17, 2011

    Hey man. Keep writing. ;O)

    • eweket · June 17, 2011

      i will try. thanks for your kind comment

  4. Spacer · June 17, 2011

    “I kept telling myself, I suck when I write blogs (which I do time to time)….”

    It is amazing how I like this and other posts you made while you keep saying that.
    Sorry your blog @ blogspot ‘s been blocked.

    Have fun!

    • eweket · June 17, 2011

      thanks for your kind comment. Trust me, you wouldn’t like it when I suck 😛

  5. Bruck · June 21, 2011

    Good point. ET movies suck. But do not expect a baby to by an Olympic champ ;).
    The industry and the audience have a long way to go to be compared to Hollywood.


  6. sukersays · June 29, 2011

    See this is exactly why I want to write/produce a movie.
    1. because all the existing ones suck
    2. the ethiopian people would watch anything and laugh at what’s not funny
    3. my movie would totally rock!

  7. Hana · November 3, 2011

    Movies about Ethiopia that are interesting, wondrful.
    1.Teza– all about our dark history.
    2. A Walk to Beautiful- one of my all time favourite. Life changing. loved it!
    3. Desert Flower- interesting, enetertaining and educational. Issues.

    I am still thinking if I know some more.
    Refuse to watch the movies that are being made nowedays. Pure torture.

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