Bole International Airport Entrance Fee

Taken from Wikimedia Commons

It is one of these crazy rules that you should pay for the entrance of an airport. You may say, it’s not much, it is only 3ETB*. But the question is, why?

You can’t get any service in the airport nor discounts for the shops and cafes inside. Rather the cafes are very expensive. I assume there are about 2000 people come to the airport every day. It is about 6000 ETB revenue a day and 2,160,000ETB a year. This is not small money considering no one gets anything back in return.

I could imagine the reason behind it could be to protect the airport from certain group of people – such as beggars. But they could simply tighten the control with all these guards surrounding the whole airport.

With very tense security check and additional entrance fee, getting into Bole international airport is a painful visit.

* Travelers are not expected to pay.


  1. AmeleworQ · June 17, 2011

    Income generation

  2. eweket · June 17, 2011


    • AmeleworQ · June 17, 2011

      IIt is not necessarily a bad thing. Taxes at the airport or fees at the airport have been used by some countries as innovative finance mobilization tools. In some Latin American countries, the fund collected from such fees have been specifically used to finance social protection schemes.

      The advantage is that the cost is spread across thousands and thousands people and thus the weight is not felt on an individual.

      • Miks · April 2, 2012

        I don’t think that there is a guarantee that this money is going in any particular social protection schemes, as the resources generated (at least according to Markos’ preliminary calculation) on a global scale are not sufficient to service this. On the other hand, the economic rationale suggests that this method is a simple way to generate additional income that can be used for covering some debts of the airport that, among others, most likely, is created by mismanagement.

        The only other possibility that comes to mind is where these resources can be used is with for lowering the taxes that the airlines have to pay, in order to make the airport more attractive for international flights. If this is true, however, one could objectively question whether this resource generation scheme is fair to the people, who, while paying are not necessarily associated with the airport, but are rather there to just say goodbye/hello to friends and family.

        Furthermore, the bureaucracy created around this endeavor only increases the possibility of people missing their planes, because they are waiting for their friends.

  3. eweket · June 17, 2011

    Thanks for your comment. I am a kinda regular visitor to the airport. I happen to know people who are always coming and going and at some point – you know, i ended up writing this blog post.

    But again, finance social protection schemes – i am dying to see that! Hope they announce or tell people where this money is going???

  4. eweket · April 2, 2012

    It is 10 ETB now..

  5. genetparadise · April 29, 2012

    It’s actually kind of ridiculous, especially because we don’t know what the money is being used for. Whoever heard of paying to enter a building?

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