Something in Me Tells Me That I will Be a Millionaire Soon.

Look where I came from.

I lost my ATM card. Don’t think anything crazy if you have it. I only have couple of hundreds. I went to the shops to look around this morning. You see, I am not the only person who does that. Shopping doesn’t mean literally shopping. It also means hang around, sport and even a place where to meet people – people usually talk about how nice some products are.

I encountered this girl one time in supermarket. She said, “The chocolates in here are not very nice, but the one I ‘saw’ looks very nice”. For some minutes I felt like she was trying to make me jealous that I didn’t see it first. I don’t obviously have time to go around checking all the crazy chocolates. But discovering a nice product in the supermarket shouldn’t be a success. Should it?

The fact that I was hanging around the market this morning is because I was broke. Okay, I got few in my ATM which I don’t have the card now, and all my fantasies to drive the one of these cars – you know which I am talking about – and enjoying Bahamas with the Prime Minister (Oops, he doesn’t stay in one place long ‘leka’) and all these huge fantasies in my mind gone just because I am broke. I am more thinking like who is going to pay for my taxi tonight. I shouldn’t care much. We have crazy tradition of helping each other right? So, my friend has a social responsibility to feed me every day. Ah, ‘neg bene’

The government doesn’t have anything to do about it. I mean, I am broke. It can’t be the governments fault in any account. The government should take care of the PM. I mean, it starts with the House. May be, my boss, yes, he should do something about it. You know, he got the power to increase my salary and my responsibility. The problem is I can’t have both. I have to choose between. I have many things to worry about – especially my Bahamas trip. How can I take more responsibilities? God, I am broke!

Look where I am heading to.

My Lithuanian online friend once asked me if I am the son of the king – well said sister. As she explained it, if people don’t have shoes to wear in my country, how come I have internet 24/7. I even have a TV. I’m the prince. Actually, who knows I am even the king. It is possible to lead the country from the plane anyway.

Friends, if you really worried about my financial status, you know, I can afford to take a taxi; a flight. I promise, I will come where you are. I also have got millions of great ideas. Imagine if one worth one dollar.

Look where I am.

I Bore Myself, Laziness, Uniqueness Phobia, and Such

June, in the third week.

It seems that this week has been very interesting so far. Joern is leaving to Berlin for good. My girlfriend is on vacation in Holland with her mom and Ramy’s girlfriend Alex is coming to Ethiopia for the next three months (Great! this how to lose a guy in 3 and half days 🙂 )

Many activities here folks, except one huge problem – I don’t have any appetite to write a blog.

I gave many reasons to myself. You know, those reasons that you give to yourself that you frankly know deep inside that those are not the actual once. I kept telling myself, I suck when I write blogs (which I do time to time), and there is nothing to write about; I am not truly motivated (Hell no! come on, I only need to watch Ethiopian movies – problem solved. I would be mad enough to write a book, not just a blog post) and then, nobody really reads. (It is pretty true; I read an article in the internet that people usually never read from the internet – only skimming)

So Skim-mers, I write this to show myself that I can. Then, now I don’t even have anything else to say.


Why did I mention Ethiopian movies above? Now, all these things are coming to me that I fancy to list down the problems out there. Bear with me. Ethiopian movie industry is quite a failure in many aspects. You can start from how it suffers with uniqueness phobia and then the lost spectators (The viewers are as carp as the movie makers – whom do you blame, the person who creates junks or who takes it with him?). Ouch! I almost felt the pain of genuine film-makers. How mad they can be with the general public when their efforts go in vain with people’s lack of understanding. I can continue listing all the fundamental problems like low budgeting (rude excuse: if you don’t have enough budgets don’t start producing); no movie critics. It is crucial for the movie industry to guard the general public to get what it deserves. It is profitable too.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect anyone who genuinely worked to produce something great and failed. I only get mad with people who produce insanely bad movies and successful.

It is Friday. The weekend is here. God, help me not to watch an Ethiopian movie.

Bole International Airport Entrance Fee

Taken from Wikimedia Commons

It is one of these crazy rules that you should pay for the entrance of an airport. You may say, it’s not much, it is only 3ETB*. But the question is, why?

You can’t get any service in the airport nor discounts for the shops and cafes inside. Rather the cafes are very expensive. I assume there are about 2000 people come to the airport every day. It is about 6000 ETB revenue a day and 2,160,000ETB a year. This is not small money considering no one gets anything back in return.

I could imagine the reason behind it could be to protect the airport from certain group of people – such as beggars. But they could simply tighten the control with all these guards surrounding the whole airport.

With very tense security check and additional entrance fee, getting into Bole international airport is a painful visit.

* Travelers are not expected to pay.

Munit’s Highway: Envisioning Borderless Africa

photo credit: Mario Di Bari. Taken from her facebook profile

Yesterday at Alize, Jörg and Munit were performing. As usual, Munit was an amazing entertainer. I am not here to write about last night’s acoustic soul, but about one of the songs which caught my attention. She wrote it for African liberty day that she was imagining having a highway which connects all African countries, without restricted boarders and visa bureaucracies.

When celebrating the African Union Day as Time to Let People and Goods Cross Borders. It seems that tragic stories follow up.

I have been thinking how African governments are failed on important cooperation to one another. The African boarders seem more open for non-African citizens than Africans themselves. In the matter of fact, the only African country, Kenya, is one of the two countries you can enter without a visa while having an Ethiopian passport (Yemen is the other country, and recently you can obtain on-arrival visa to Thailand. Ethiopians can enter to Somali-land without a visa – Thanks, Maike for the correction!).

A friend of mine, she was requesting a tourist visa to Djibouti – the closest county from all. The Djibouti embassy in Ethiopia told her the most shocking news. They don’t issue a tourist visa for Ethiopian women. This is serious, and extremely discriminative. What kind of a failed foreign relationship Ethiopia has with Djibouti that men can get visa and women do not? Take my word, this is official.

African Borders: From Barriers to Bridges from Zeresenay Berhane Mehari on Vimeo.

African boarders are closed for Africans. The economic advantage of developed countries makes these foreign affair concerns easier for them. But this is fairly political. It is easier for Filipinos to request a visa to Ethiopia than the Malawian passport holders.

No question, Africans need better relationship among themselves. And opening the boarder is the first step.

With the immense economical boost which has been recording recently in Africa, it is wise to appreciate free movements throughout the continent – which will motivate African tourists, business owners, experts and artists to focus on Africa itself rather than crowding other continents’ embassies.

It is even late, but “Time to Let People and Goods Cross African Borders”