Killing of the Most Unwanted Person

I was talking with a friend about the killing of Osama Bin Laden and how the world was cheering on the idea of justice finally served.

Shooting a man in the head doesn’t serve justice no matter how the person can be a top terrorist. This doesn’t necessary imply justice as long as the person stands in front of a court, just like other criminals.

The reason behind shooting Bin Laden in the head can be anything from his connection with Bush family to CIA or to satisfy the angry people in US or somewhere else.

But what does it mean for us, for ordinary people like you and me? What does it mean for unarmed person? On the other hand, what does it mean for world leaders who are fantasising shooting people in the head without condemn?

This single event done by the government which is regarded as the most fair and justice let anyone of us unsafe.

It can happen to anyone. American government did it in the name of counter terrorism, why not other governments?

One comment

  1. burnox · May 10, 2011

    first osama binladen should not be considered as any international citizen because he fail to accept the world justice system and start to address his point in a way that doesn’t totally compact in the justice world.second since the begining osama strongly declines the idea of surrendering and the world justice states that
    “if a person who is unarmed and who is willing to surrend should not be killed”on the contrary osama always travels with some one behind him to execute him if any surrendering situation occurs.finally why wasting time in surveing justice to one worthless,chaotic and idiot person just shoot him in the head and let him ROT IN PEACE.

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