Addis Holiday Lunch For the Homeless

It is Easter. How do you want to spend your Sunday morning?

There are so many people who are homeless and live in the streets. Unlike other poorer countries (take Kenya as an example), Ethiopia is very safe. In most cases, street kids and beggars are not dangerous and never be a risk of organized crime. There is a tradition of supporting people with money and food that helps people to think that they are not forgotten. In the same time, giving money for beggars in this way only promote more beggars than solving the problem.

I live in this society. I am pretty sure the motive behind giving money to the beggars and street kids is out of religious outcomes. I don’t believe it is a right motive. People tend to help the poor to go to heaven and to get a good credit from God. In nut shell, it sounds great. But helping people should be out of the right motives. The right motive is having a strong compassion to help a fellow citizen. It doesn’t matter if this person begs in the name of Allah or Jesus. Helping people needs follow up. Tossing 10cents and expecting a miraculous change on someone’s life isn’t “helping”.

I have got the chance to know few kind people who think about the homeless. Unlike most of us, they were busy working on April 24, on Easter’s Sunday morning. From their mouth:

Holiday after holiday we start a journey with whatever left over resources we have from the previous holiday and enthusiastic volunteers and try to pull together a festive and successful holiday lunch program for the less fortunate homeless people we pass by every day. But we are always overwhelmed by the response, generosity and selflessness we see form the people that would like to be part of this event and the number of young people that come to volunteer on the day.

This acceptance from our community and has helped us in raising close to 13000 birr and had a good amount of clothes donated that we gave away. With this donation and over 70 volunteers we managed to serve 700 people on E[a]ster Sunday.

This kind of initiative is very promising. I hope next Easter they have fewer people than 700 and decreasing until they don’t have anyone to feed.


For the homeless - The Team - copyright. taken from facebook group

An ad which makes us think

We say we help the poor, Do really we?

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