My Interview with Deutshe Welle

I haven’t done anything crazy. This is my third interview for the radio so far. But this time concerning my blog. yay!

Lidet, from Deutsche Welle interviewed Sara and me this afternoon for their Amharic program. One thing I couldn’t manage is talking in pure Amharic without mixing English words. I didn’t even know there is a word in Amhairc for blogger – ድረ ገጽ ዓምደኛ

Here are two of the questions (the shorter once):

When did I start blogging?

September 2009

Do I have a plan to blog in Amharic in the future?

In the matter of fact, people who have access to internet speak English. I also have readers who are non-Amharic speakers. When the internet penetration is getting better, and only Amharic speakers start to use internet, then I will have an Amharic version of my blog.

To listen to the full interview, it will be on air this Friday.

One comment

  1. mickey · May 2, 2011

    Well done man…I believe the interview was a big step forward for your blog, and to inspire others to start blogging…keep up the good work
    p.s. What you said about adding English words here and there on our Amharic conversations is so true…i’m the champion at it actually, and i now have a pretty good reason for doing so, i mean come on, imagine me using that word for Blogger.

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