Port 25 is Blocked – There is Nothing Wrong with Your E-Mail

It’s been a while since Ethio telecom blocked port 25 (which is a common SMTP port for sending emails). There have been lots of debate on port 25 globally I don’t know since when, but the funny part is Ethio telcom blocked the port without telling the customers. They haven’t sent email, nor post it in their website – Just blocked it!

For the usual reasons, I haven’t met anyone who is happy with Ethio telecom services. I understand the reason behind blocking port 25 (It is highly used by spammers), but being a solo service provider and shut down the whole country from using a standard port is unimaginable – without notice is even worse.

I am wondering how many people formatted their computer assuming that their email didn’t go out because of a problem with it.

One comment

  1. shebaw · May 28, 2011

    Ethio telecom is disappointing as it’s predecessor. I think they still can’t believe that they are getting better profits in 3rd world countries than the developed coutries. Anyways, I’m glad they didn’t block 465 since almost all the popular mail servers (gmail, yahoo and the like) use that these days.

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