Your Reasoning Drove Me Crazy

I don’t like skinny girls, because they don’t look nice when I see them from the top of my apartment.

Some people are really crazy. You know what I mean. Right? They are not hospitalized crazy, but they are so manic in their words and actions.

You know guys like, who get drunk and hits his main gate with his car all the time. Oh man, you started to knock the door with your car now? These things are driving me nuts. You don’t have to say it or do it, unless you mean it.

I encountered this guy yesterday, for instance. I was bored like crazy at home and I went to a café to drink Fanta at 7:30 in the evening. That was crazy enough. Who wants to drink fanta to avoid boredom? People go to gym or walking in the forest (in Ethiopian case, this was happening 55 years ago, we don’t have forest anymore. We only have jungle men). Anyway, so this guy was peeing next to MY apartment. Okay, I am living in the 4th floor, so practically he isn’t directly peeing in my flat. But hey! It is directly at the bottom of my building. You never know, these houses they construct these days, they suck everything. Like those two tubes, the water and the shit tubes. The water tubes go up, and the shit tubes go down. You see, what this guy is trying to do, he wants to make the shit tube go up. Nevertheless, I am not sure if they have separate tubes for these liquids.

The craziest part, he was enjoying seeing his yellowish color urine converted to silver color standing on the reflection of the moon. So, I went and I stand next to him, really, and he stopped. And I asked him if he wanted to use my toilet. He said no that he’s leaving in the same building. Damn, I couldn’t even save 10% of his urine pouring into the bottom of HIS apartment.

Some people are really out of their mind, like this Egyptian politician who said Ethiopia doesn’t need to use Nile, because there is enough rainfall in the highlands. I don’t like rap music, but can you imagine singing this rap sounded?

A lot of people say something all the time, which is okay, but stop giving unreasonable reasons. That makes the listener go crazy.

One comment

  1. sirarmany · April 7, 2011

    Dude you are becoming bitter, sarcastic and Kumnegeregna keep it up and be bored some more

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