Toilets are for shit, stop complaining

I seem not careful in my choice of words. Right? I think I don’t see myself in that way anyway. I heard friends always complaining how the toilets suck in here, and actually they do. Apparently, Ethiopians don’t know how to build clean toilets, most importantly how to use them properly.

Five things you don’t get/do in Ethiopian toilets:


    No Toilet papers (those papers, we use them when we have a flu)

    2. You can’t throw toilet papers into a sink. It explodes (literally)
    3. Half of the population don’t know how to flash after use (that’s the reason why they don’t fix the flashing)
    4. Toilets are not private (one third of the restaurants’/bars’ toilets in the country don’t have a proper door lockers)


    You always need to ask where the toilet is (it is awesomely amazing how toilets are placed from one house to the other)

So next time when you get into a toilet, remember this, it is a shit place. I mean literally.


  1. sirarmany · April 5, 2011

    sarcasticaly funny but also true. i try most of the time not to go go there but sometimes you got to

  2. Endalkachew · April 5, 2011

    This is so true especially in public toilets

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