Simple Changes ETHIO Telecom Should Consider – Part II

Since I created etc sucks group on Facebook, 441 people joined and growing. It is not an empty shout though. Telecom is the most critical service in this rapidly growing economy. In some countries getting certain amount of bandwidth is a human right. We haven’t reached there yet. But at least …

Online Identity is important for Internet Service provider:

I don’t think no other ISP has such a bad website like Ethio telecom has. The design is bad. The navigation is bad. The content is too bad. Listen what the CEO said about the website.

This website has therefore been designed to be user friendly. Special efforts have been made to simplify the site navigation

This is a joke, right? Which website he is talking about and what special efforts they have been made?

Here are good examples how other ISPs use their website. (I intentionally take the examples from Kenya)

You don’t tell to a customer that you also don’t have internet connection:

Internet is extremely slow these days. In their own words,

Due to the current DNS address and will not be functional starting from the end of March 2011, Broadband customers are required to change their DNS address configuration by the new address

I usually call at least five numbers whenever there the connection is down, most of the time the response I get from the technical people is that they don’t also have internet. What? Did I hear it correctly or how come the internet service provider tell the customer that they also don’t have internet connection?

Start selling .ET domains, because we can only get it from you:

Dot ET domains are for Ethiopia. (.ke is for Kenya, .de is for Germany etc …). Ethio telecom is the only one who should sell these addresses under this domain. The only organization who has .et domain is ethio telecom itself – I have tried to talk to them several times why they shouldn’t sell. The response is rather funny. It is not secure to use .et for other organizations. Why don’t they just say, they don’t know how to configure it?


  1. saba · March 26, 2011

    I just got this article in my email from google alerts.
    Nice observation. I agree word by word. Ethio telecom sucks

  2. eweket · March 27, 2011

    thanks Saba for your kind feedback

  3. Rachel · December 26, 2011

    Great Job! … Setting up this site. We need more “techno-crats” (pun intended :-)) like you to balance the Singular Monopoly of Ethio Telcom! Keep spreading the knoweldge for the value of Freedom Uninterrupted Internet Access Imparts on a given Nation, specially, on the young generation. Maybe, sometime soon, we may start demonstartions demanding our Human-rights for Access to Informaion that is available the world over.

    In a time, where almost all Governments of Developed & Developing Countries are providing Free Internet in Public Facilities, our Telecom couldn’t even provide a reliable service for those who Pay for it. It is a mathematically deductable fact that Telecom by itself, singularly, Could Not possibly Be an Effecient Provider for the exponetially rising demand for Internet service with its archiac infra-stracture which is under-staffed with poorly trained employees.

    Keep Up the Good Job!

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