Google’s Instant Search vs I’m Feeling Lucky

In April, 2010 I wrote an article about I’m Feeling Lucky button on Google. I know what it does, but I haven’t seen the point of it. I think Google also realized that there is no point to use the button anymore.

Google’s instant search feature is one of latest updates on Google. It gives you a recommendation on life-time searching. I found it very important especially when i am looking for something that i don’t know all the key words. The thing is, the instance search option completely made ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button useless. You can’t even have a chance to click on this button.

If you click on this button without inserting any search query, it will direct you to Doodles. Google use different logos for different occasions and holidays. No Ethiopian logo so far, that’s why I came up with my own version.

I am wondering, can you imagine Google without ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button?

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