Is Internet Twitter or Google?

twitter or google
If you are asked to define internet in one platform, what would it be? Is twitter or Google?

It is not a simple question to answer though. People who browse internet use Google day to day. It is almost mean the same when we say “Searching on the internet” and “Searching on Google”. Google is way beyond searching.

But I need to go one step forward. Twitter in the other hand is not “140 characters of inanity” as some people say. But it is a place where I get every piece of information from individuals.

Do I need information from human or machine?

Decide yourself! I made a little search 40 seconds ago.
I searched “Japan Earthquake”

Google’s result (

  • 8.9 Earthquake struck Japan triggering a Tsunami Alert
  • Japan quake, Saudi tensions drag Sensex 154 points down
  • … Japan earthquake map We are borrowing Gideon’s blog to cover Japan’s …
  • .. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake strikes off the northeast coast of Japan
  • .. The most powerful earthquake to hit Japan in at least 100 years
  • .. TOKYO (AP) — A powerful tsunami spawned by the largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history slammed the eastern coast Friday,
  • … and so on, …

    Twitter’s result (

  • Pray for Japan. They’ve just been hit with a 8.8 earthquake – (it is 8.9/9.0, by the way)
  • People wait out their fate after Earthquake at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan
  • Our thoughts go out to all those affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan & the Pacific basin
  • Massive Earthquake In Japan Forces Evacuations In Hawaii, Strands Travelers
  • Pray for Japan!!!! OMG that was the worst earthquake for the last 10 years …
  • An earthquake hits japan and it’s 8.9! And they sent an alert to Russia and hawaii! :O
  • 10.000 tweets every 30 seconds worldwide …
  • .. and such …

    I also searched for “Lol” yes, lol… lol

    Google’s results

  • LOL, an abbreviation for laughing out loud, or laugh out loud
  • League of Legends – Free Online Game | LoL – League of Legends
  • – Funny 2.0
  • Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger? (lol)
  • The name ‘Lol’ is an abreviated [you misspelled it dude, just like how people do it in Twitter] form of the name ‘Laurence’.
  • Official website for the film LOL, by Joe Swanberg, C. Mason Wells, and Kevin Bewersdorf
  • Twitter’s results

  • Blackberrys lol R E T W E E T if you have a iPhone or Android
  • I would never unfollow you lol (nice one!)
  • i love how humans always out-smart the aliens, even though they’re centuries ahead in technology LOL
  • Apparently these are the best 2 fingers you could ever receive lol
  • lol kool i see ahaha (are you okay? Lol)
  • I know, I know I’m sorry ! Well now I’m back lol
  • wwwhhh,Lol.!
  • i would stay at hme…Lol cause u kno them crazy teachers will try 2 gve out wrk
  • Which glass would you like to drink from?

    One comment

    1. sukersays · March 15, 2011

      AHAHA! i love this article. I’m gonna start searching with Twitter! lol 😉

      i love twitter reguardless though, google and twitter are my daily activites, besides facebook n blogging. 🙂 nice one!

      p.s. YESS. KEEP BLOGGING DAILY. 😉 the next one is about Bruk i suppose?

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