March Unpublished

protecting the flowers from sun light

March is not my favorable blogging month. For some reasons i can’t explain, i found myself with a lot of ideas and can’t manage composing writing. I still keep wondering if i write blogs when i don’t have anything to say. Don’t get scared of this statement. But I write blogs when i don’t have anything to write is scary. Wrong?

Let me give you summary of what happened in the last 11 days and you will decide if I need to write an article for each.

Panel discussion with my fellow bloggers in Ethiopia

I represent about 8% of bloggers in Ethiopia. We are only handful of Ethiopian bloggers who writes from Ethiopia, about Ethiopia. I got the chance to meet three of the bloggers who are obviously cooler than me. Sara, Endalkachew, Daniel. Both of them are very talented bloggers and have passion to share their ideas and a kind of people you feel like receiving their post in your inbox everyday.

Beyond the panel discussion, there was also a forum called “Digital Identity Ethiopian Forum”. There were great presenters from North45, newthinking-communications, GTUG-Addis.

I have changed my social network from Mixxt to SocialGO

I have been running the ICT Cracker social network for a while and I decide to change the platform. It wasn’t emotional decision though. I encountered different problems with Mixxt which i am not interested to suggest for them anymore. The customer service in this platform is very poor. Ethiopia is not also included in the country list. I have been constantly requesting for this change, but I didn’t receive any response from them. Apparently, the group feature of the Mixxt is not also functional. But on the other hand SocialGO has all the features i need for my social network.

Eleven days without a blog post. But I was already in the training for process consultancy; Sabrina is town this month; and such.

You might need to wait for the next post to see if I am really serious about my blog posts. Probably, to the next time until I don’t have anything to write about.


  1. Endalk · March 11, 2011

    Mark,You know I am kind of feeling same here.Anyway you got to know that there dry seasons as there are some spring time for writing.

  2. eweket · March 11, 2011

    Endalk, this is the quickest response i have ever received for my blog posts!! Thanks! I wonder how people go for Post A Day commitment 🙂

  3. sukersays · March 15, 2011

    write about the panel discussion!!!!

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