There Must be a Bit of Democracy to Bring Real Democracy

The Tunisian man, Mohamed Bouazizi, is man of the century. He has changed the face of Middle East and North Africa in 21st century.

Egypt is on fire. A better change has come. Egypt is free at the end. The future is indeed unpredictable, nobody knows what will happen next, but change has come certainly and the wind of democracy is over the sky of Egypt.

In this media driven world, this kind of political movements are quite possible and the potential movements are yet to come. Except fully democrat countries, the leaders will be concerned for their own chair and they should.

Is revolution in the right time in Africa?

My answer is: Not yet.

I have two reasons for my answer

1. A bit of Democracy

Street protests and anti-government movements are not common in Africa. But in this case it is not even possible. Africans are used to guerilla fighters not street protesters.

To have a street protest and having anti-government demonstrations needs a bit of democracy. In a place where there is no democracy this kind of activities will be simply not possible. Middle East and North Africa has a better democracy – at least, not a false democracy like the one you would get in East Africa.

2. Internet infrastructure

The internet infrastructure isn’t fully developed. In Ethiopia case, there are only 360,000 people who has internet access. It is nothing compare to Egypt for instance which is 13,572,995.

These political movements which are going on recently highly depend on social media. People who have access to the internet don’t even properly use social media. A friend of mine and I made a little research on how many bloggers are in Ethiopia and we couldn’t count more than 16 but in Egypt there 160,000 bloggers.

I am sure most African leaders feel a bit shaken of what is happening in Middle East and North Africa. I expect major changes will happen and people oriented decisions will be made.

Yet, this kind of revolution in Africa is not happening now. Probably, not even for the next 10 years.

One comment

  1. Endalk · February 16, 2011

    This is a very nice and insightful article.
    Good observation!

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