Importance of Linux Professionals in Developing Countries

LPI (Linux Professional institute) offers certifications on Linux distributions mainly on Fedora and Debian packages. One of the main targets of the institution is to certify Linux professional and to make them competent in computing industry. InWent together with FOSSFA prepared LPI certification training in Strathmore University, Nairobi last year on November with very experienced Linux trainers from the Jumping beans (South African based Linux Solution Company). This training is continuing in South Africa and Tanzania in the near future. The idea is clear – making enough Linux professional in Africa as much as possible

So far there are only limited numbers of Certified Linux professionals in Africa. For instance, in Ethiopia there are only 15 LPI certified Linux administrators and  in Kenya 9. there are about 700 LPI certified individuals in Africa.

This is one big opportunity for people who are in the Linux industry. Though, the biggest challenge of Linux professionals mainly comes from the private companies. Most private companies don’t show interest to use open source solutions and tend to use pirated software instead. The companies do not like the idea of a product which is distributed free of charge. Linux is free but not cheap. In Ethiopian private sector cases, the idea of selling Linux solution as free and open source creates quite the opposite results. Companies do not entirely get the philosophy behind Linux.

One of on.e’s strategies on providing Linux solution to the companies is without mentioning the word free. To make Linux work, we use the word freedom instead of free to the companies. This creates huge impact on our open source solutions marketing strategies. This is a good lesson for Linux professionals. As many open source solutions remain open and free all the time, the services definitely comes with a reasonable cost.

In the mean time, companies should understand that Linux based solutions are the market leading solutions. Linux is secure, highly customizable, and suitable from small to huge enterprises. There are thousands of solutions for almost in any discipline in the market. What makes Linux special is that it is highly supported by the community and its core philosophies focused on community help and involvement. As this community constantly grows (thanks to Social media), both the Linux professionals and companies will be benefited in large

It is time to shift to Linux. It is extremely cost effective and scalable. Companies should take the advance of its freedom!


  1. grinkchill · February 4, 2011

    I have some friends who are interested to take these certifications ? Is there any center giving this service in Ethiopia ?

  2. eweket · February 4, 2011

    Euroneuronet plc around gotera gives this service. contact them for more info! thanks for visiting my blog

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