Talk About It

I wrote the last paragraph of the following article and I posted it.

For the people in the society who are very tight to their culture of keeping things for themselves, talking about sexual experience is something untouchable. One of the reasons people don’t talk about their personal sexual experience (can even be good experience) is that they don’t get a place where to share it with others. It is norm to talk what happened in the last night.

How many of us define sexual boundaries? How many of us keep silent having sexual discomfort?

In the mean time, sexual feelings and activities are very basic that every adult person experiences it every time. Our life is highly attached to it.

This article was for our new blog talkaboutit Ethiopia. In the last few weeks I was setting up a new blog together with Joern, karolina, Biruh and Blen. I will come soon later with the details.

Another interesting person I met yesterday was Sara Suker. She is very talented girl and knows how to use the right words. Apart from her Notes on facebook, she started the new blog, which I already subscribe to follow it.

I just wrote the last paragraph of this article!

One comment

  1. sukersays · January 17, 2011

    Yeaaaa!! Subscribe to my blog guys. u wont be disappointed. 🙂

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