The Story of a Banana Farmer

Down to the southern part of the country where Omo river is passing, there was this farmer who inadvertently resting to the bottom of the tree. While he was asleep, a banana dropped and hit his head. He woke up and started to eat it.

After short a while his friend from township came and told him that instead for him to sleep why can’t he produce a lot of bananas and sell them

The man asked “what for?” and “you will earn a lot of money and you can buy a big house with big garden” said his friend. The man asked again, “then, what for?”
“so that you can just eat and sleep without caring for anything” his friend replied

And the man said, “what for? I am just doing the same thing right now”

TEDx Addis

It has taken me so long to write this article. Part of the reason was being busy doing urgent tasks. I was helping out ECAO to have network infrastructure and trying to configure a surfboard computer. But part of the reason was TEDx Addis was too cool that I needed more relaxed time to generate a nice article.

“ho ho ho, ha ha ha”

For those of you who participated in the event, you would probably smile and remember this expression. It is funny, but that’s the idea in the first place, to make you laugh without any cause. I found it very interesting that Belachew Girma (World Laughter Master) made a career out of laugh and he could manage it very well. He can’t make a speech without laughing. But making a speech about laugh without laughing doesn’t make sense and he is a master of it.

TEDx Addis wasn’t all about laugh though. All the speakers were well prepared and I could perfectly picture myself sitting being inspired and moved. Israel Belema (Engineer and Inventor) had stolen the show. It is hard to imagine his intelligence especially when it comes to mobile technology.

I remembered to vote for Yohannes Gebregeorgis (Social Entrepreneur) to win CNN Heroes in 2008. He actually won and perfectly deserved it. He did great job to change the culture of reading in Ethiopia. He made a marvelous job in schools and for people who never got the chance to read a single article. Probably, he is the only figure whenever one talks about mobile library. His TEDx talk was a bit emotional too. He tearfully announced that he has been pushed out of his own organization. It made me remember Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple who was also in the same situation. How can somebody be fired from the company he founded?

I personally know Dirk Hebel (Architect) well. In the whole country, there are only two universities where students can boldly say they are happy being part of the campus – Adama University and EiABC. Dirk is a scientific director of EiABC and he already wrote his name in bold in Addis. I admit I missed his speech and Bruktawit Tigabu’s (Innovative Educator), the only woman speaker in the event and the one who perfectly deserve the title “Educator”. I met her in ict cracker meeting and she inspired me there already.

Henock Temesgen (Musician) is a base guitarist. He was talking about creating a perfect song at the moment. He could of course manage to create a nice music in that moment with his beloved bass guitar. Shall I say speech with deeds? Dr. BT Costantinos (Policy Advisor) made a tremendous speech too. I was wondering if the audience got his ideas in full. He has this passion for the renaissance of Africa. I could also see the same amount of passion in the eyes of Daniel Gad (Entrepreneur), who sees things what ordinary people cannot. He had one word in his speech, that’s the only thing he wanted us to remember – Food!

The first TEDx Addis was successful in many terms. The organizers effort was visible. The audiences were a kind of audience you expect in this kind of event. I could imagine organizers were a bit busy choosing the right speakers, though I saw a lot of familiar faces of listeners. I don’t think it is because I have huge amount of contacts but the invitation were a bit of circulated in few circles. I know, many people disagree with me, but I didn’t like the stage in Harmony hotel. The power cut was like part of the event, I was complaining why they didn’t write it down in the schedule. Well, I don’t mind if I read, there is a power cut at 11:15. But they couldn’t do anything about it. Could they?

I want to conclude my blog with the TEDx Addis slogan. Because this exactly what happened in the event. “Be encouraged and encourage others. Be inspired and inspire others.”

Choose to Love

You got to choose anyway!

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace – Jimi Hendrix

Choice is a basic life action of human kind. Humans do more choice than anything else. It is also the most challenging part of life. There is nothing like facing a choice which is hard to choose. People choose to breathe everyday. People choose to do each of their action everyday! We even choose without recognizing that we are choosing. We don’t need it. It is a natural activity that you face until you come to the point where the choice is puzzling and requires higher attention!

I went through tough times because of my bad choices. I also went through great moments out of my right choices. These choices were life challenging. It defined the way I have been living. My past choices affect my current choices. It applies directly. I have two “choices” in every point of my life. Either I need to keep my path and follow my past decision and keep choosing based on that or I shift to another path that will make me choose another choice. My life graph is so complicated that it is impossible to illustrate.

The last seven days were full of visible choices I made. Visible choices are our defining moments. It changes who we are. It defines what we are living or die for. It made me think how these “visible choices” change my philosophy of life. The more I thought about them, the more I discover that my visible choices can actually summarized in one word – Love!

It seems a bit lame to confine such a lot of activities in one action. But in the reality it is exactly what happens to me. I agree that most of human choices inter-dependent on other people’s choice. Mind this, mostly what affects the result of your choice is not the result out of itself, but the result of others’ choices. No one has a total power in himself. It seems this can be false theoretically. But practically it is entirely true and even works in every possible activity of human kind. My choices are affected by people closer to me first, then people around me, and anyone in the whole world. No wonder why we all are different. A lot of people choose based on different reasons. Here is what my choices are based on

Then, love in two ways.

The love of God: God chose to Love us. And I have been choosing to love Him. Keep in mind two things here. First off, God has ultimate decisive power that His choice can’t be influenced by anything else but Himself. So I used the word Chose. He doesn’t change His mind on His decision based on possible assumption. But my choices are considerably affected by other “choices”. In my possible assumption, you can call it faith, I decide to Love God with my whole strength. Secondly, mind that I am not talking about religion. I “choose” not to believe in religion. This choice affects my life significantly. It helps me to put my life considerably on the right track – which I referred before as the path. The love of God affects our choices. In nut shell, love doesn’t impose effects on anything else. So the effects apply out love and this love makes us to choose. It helps us to wake up and wish for a good day, for a peaceful life, for eternal security.

Even if you chose not to love God, you love what He chose for you.

The Love of people: If you don’t know how to have your people, it is simple you already have them. We already chose to love others. For even people who said they hate everyone in the whole world. They could as equally affect other with their love as they were affected by others. If you come to the point where you can say you hate people, you had to come to this recognition point of what you actually feel and decide. It is simply easy to assume that you were under your parents love since you were born. You could walk now. You could talk now. You could say that you hate things already. It took you to come to the point and these points were based on your and other people choice – and mostly they chose to love you. Your biological parents played major part to brought you to the world. This is mostly the result of their love. Your family is the most treasure you could possibly have. It is such a failed family which is full of hatred and disrespect. The result is incomparable to the family which is full of love.

Even at times when choosing to love others might seem the most impossible feeling, it is still better to choose to love. Because love can only be gained by loving others. As this wise man said, there are lost of things which increase in amount when shared. And love is one of them. The more you share your love, the more it increases in amount and at the end everyone profits!