My Daily Life in The Net

I have been installing CentOS in Strathmore University while I was searching my name on Google. People search for their name on the net. Right? I mean, I didn’t have any reason to search on my name. May be it is out of curiosity what I did. Keep in mind that, everything you do in the net is somehow recorded and stored. It doesn’t seem a lot of trouble if you think about it. But I get a little shocked when I found my stupid comment with the IAAF website. I mean, really? Have I ever dare to comment on IAAF website? The thing is I did and I can’t even believe that I was such a stubborn. But my life in the net is more connected than writing a comment about athletics. Who doesn’t? So if you are wondering what I am doing sitting in-front of a computer the whole day. I might have a good answer in this article. I might even have a good reason to tell you.


It is my primary email address. I check my Gmail inbox every 20 minutes, at least! I receive about 40 emails on my gmail daily. These emails are not notification. I don’t register to newsletters, forums or social network using my gmail account. It is dedicated to exchange email with people – not machines. It is pretty good idea to keep one of your email addresses to dedicate for human communication. Some people might understand what I mean very well, considering how many subscription and notification you might receive from different sources.


I found it very convenient to use my Yahoo! Mail address for many machine generated communications. I registered to a forum with my yahoo account, whenever I fill a form on the net I use Yahoo! Currently, I have 10,080 unread messages. I don’t need to read all them. But Yahoo! Is the first email I open whenever I get connected to internet.


I have got 470 friends on facebook that I communicate with. People who don’t find me on Facbook can’t probably find me in person. Facebook is where I make friends. I haven’t have 500million friends like Mark has. But I have got to manage to keep my social balance with Facebook and I love it. I use my Facebook for quite a number of things. The power of social network is vast. It is facebooking ara. If you can’t make friends online, you can’t make friends offline. My connection on Facebook is making me to have an interesting weekends, making my distance relationship works, getting updates what my friends are doing and how I cooperate with them, advertising my services and let people know what I am doing. I read most of my favorite quotes from facebook status. If you have someone on facebook, there are a lot things you don’t need to bother to remember: Last names, Birthdays, martial status, locations. People even tend to tell their daily feelings on facebook. Is it that easy to start a good conversation based on facts instead of wondering what somebody is thinking? Facebook is where you can find your friends in one place, and friends of your friends. What did you do with Facebook that you never imagine you could actually do without?


I have only 13 twits so far. I am too lazy to update my status on twitter , but it is one of the website I visit everyday. I get such a vast information from twit updates.

I created this social network to be a meeting point for IT experts in the country. I have been administrating this website in daily basis.

I haven’t included standard things in my daily Net life. I am working the whole day. I receive many messages in my official email address that I have to answer and work. I can omit my facebook session for one day. But I can’t ignore my email from my boss. I read news. I don’t watch TV for the usual reasons why people don’t watch. I like to retrieve my own information. I like the word search than broadcasting. I read others people articles, blogs, books. I check products, weather information. Etc.. I mean, really a lot of things which I don’t even remember doing it.

I also have tools on net that I use time to time. My Blog : is one of them. I don’t write everyday. But I actively write blogs. I communicate with people with my blogs. My articles talk louder than my Facebook or my emails.

I use skype, gtalk, meebo.

I use Internet! Everyday! Now!