Summer Remembrance

What is the last thing you think before you fall asleep? I usually know what I did before I slept. Because I usually sleep after I finished my day’s task. But I never could manage to track what I was thinking before I slept.

I would say, for the first time I thought about something before I slept and I still remember it.

Summer sky is different in Addis. It is bluish. I think it is just plain blue. It doesn’t have this majestic look. It only looks simple. The feeling of the way the sky looks as it is going to fall is replaced by a simplistic look of the sky that you wish it had a different shape. A sort of shape that is a bit different than the sky’s shape. What do you dream your sky shaped like?

People think that romance starts in summer usually finishes in summer. I am not sure how this going to work in 13th months of sunshine – an old tourism advertisement of Ethiopia. People who visit Addis immediately know that it is not true. Either the months are shorter than thirteen, or the guy who wrote this famous statement was in summer romance. It is not hard to find constant Facebook status update saying ‘Love Addis in Sunshines’.

For some reasons, I couldn’t feel the warmth of the summer. I actually even know why. The absences of precious things make the presence of common things invisible. I came home earlier than before. Well, I didn’t stay in my bed. I stayed with my friend’s. I felt like a bit of emptiness can lead me to a philosopher. And I am not ready to be a philosopher for the usual reasons why people don’t become philosophers. I tried to a watch a movie. A sort of a movie which can potentially remind me that the whole world is in danger – not just me! I am not sure if I want to watch the movie 2012. I don’t have cinematic atmosphere at home. I double click on Pandorum. Why would I think that it is a good idea to watch a movie like this while I am thinking of basically nothing? The reason why I wanted to distract myself is not to think of what I was thinking.

At times, everyone needs distraction. Who wants to have a simple blue sky the whole year? Who wants to have a perfect romance lasts for only summer times?

I pretty remembered what I was actually thinking. My eyes were heavy, but still lighter than my heart. Is it possible that my hearts could actually asleep while my eyes were wide open? Is it possible that you could make a call in the darkness – in the dark summer sky? At some point where I couldn’t remember the minutes, I found myself thinking about it and slept.