Middle Thought

The only thing in my mind is to go out for eating.

May be, writing one more article is also in my mind. You probably guess, I didn’t go out because I am writing this article. I am also thinking that I should support green movements. I strongly believe that we are the only part of the nature that destroyed it. I am sure you know what I mean by “we”. Unless somebody keeps answering question which goes like – “as external being, what do you think of human race?”

Before I started my article, I worked on my blog banner to include a message I fully believe in. making peace of nature is the only option of our age. We are notably having problems concerning our environment. You probably think I am still talking about humans when I say we. But I don’t. Nature holds more than humans. I am also thinking of my next skype session. The internet is very slow this afternoon. So I have already been worried that I might cancel my session with Sabrina.

The thing is, there is no only one thing in my mind – in any “t” time of my life. Before or after I write the last “before and after” term I have got multiple ideas and thoughts in my mind. I can’t even define them. I shouldn’t have.

As long as I put the dot at the end of my article, I am still on time to go out and eat. Possibly, I might need to post this article on eweket; lock my laptop; where is my key?

What time is it now? Do I have to eat in the first place?
Do I have to go out first to eat?

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