Tight the Tortoise

Imagine a red robe round the neck of the tortoise. Tighten and unable to go anywhere. When you try to save the dog from a hungry tortoise, he was tired because of the sunbath causing him sunburn all over his skin. Does a dog get sunburn? How do you avoid the fight between a dog and tortoise? Is it by tightening the tortoise or the dog?

It is a story of Yohannes and Jack!


  1. Jorn · September 6, 2010

    Thanks for that post Markos: I think these are very important and relevant questions in the ethiopian reality of today. aggressive turtles seem to, next to cats, be one of the main threats to dogs, but how to stop them? i will try team-building next and if that brings no progress, then maybe alcohol. i’ll let you know the results.

  2. eweket · September 6, 2010

    good point Jorn! yeah, long and happy life for dogs!! we can only cry for the peaceful cats and hungry tortoise 🙂

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