I decided to include some pictures in my blog this morning!

My original plan was to create another blog for my graphic designs and graphic impressions. Since images takes sometime to load, I didn’t want to include it in my articles. Bandwidth is still a big issue in Ethiopia. My philosophy of being words are more powerful than any graphic illustration is still intact. You can memorize powerful phrases and tell to others. This can’t be possible with pictures. Can it be?

But I have good reasons to decide putting pictures in my blog:

Reason 1: Sabrina’s book

Before Sabrina left to Germany, she prepared me a book (kind of a diary). I liked the fact that it was hand written, pictures were glued to it, some printings, lyrics, tickets, guide book cut outs, and some sketches. It was beautiful. It was a combination of powerful words and beautiful illustrations. Well, at the end, it didn’t help me to have many smiles, considering it was a gift of farewell.

Reason 2: Events

No matter how a good writer can explain how the event was, pictures and videos can be more expressive. The more I engage to cover some events (Barcamp Ethiopia for instance), the more I saw the need of using different medias instead of using only words.

Reason 3: People who don’t like to read

I have to face it. There are people who don’t like to read. I could have simply ignored them. But ignoring is neither a good word nor a good action. But I haven’t met a person yet who likes to read but hates illustration.

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