Middle Thought

The only thing in my mind is to go out for eating.

May be, writing one more article is also in my mind. You probably guess, I didn’t go out because I am writing this article. I am also thinking that I should support green movements. I strongly believe that we are the only part of the nature that destroyed it. I am sure you know what I mean by “we”. Unless somebody keeps answering question which goes like – “as external being, what do you think of human race?”

Before I started my article, I worked on my blog banner to include a message I fully believe in. making peace of nature is the only option of our age. We are notably having problems concerning our environment. You probably think I am still talking about humans when I say we. But I don’t. Nature holds more than humans. I am also thinking of my next skype session. The internet is very slow this afternoon. So I have already been worried that I might cancel my session with Sabrina.

The thing is, there is no only one thing in my mind – in any “t” time of my life. Before or after I write the last “before and after” term I have got multiple ideas and thoughts in my mind. I can’t even define them. I shouldn’t have.

As long as I put the dot at the end of my article, I am still on time to go out and eat. Possibly, I might need to post this article on eweket; lock my laptop; where is my key?

What time is it now? Do I have to eat in the first place?
Do I have to go out first to eat?

Google and BarCamp Ethiopia – It was big

It, I mean, both Google and the event. As we have expected, about 300 people were collaborating in the event yesterday, Friday 17, 2010. I was completely busy with organizing different activities. I closely worked with Omar on the last minute sponsorship activities; tasks like assigning different people; and having fun with friends.

I will get back soon with the topics of different sessions which took my attention. And for now, look at to some of the the pictures. (Just a note: My Samsung GT-S5230 mobile doesn’t take quality pictures).

BarCamp Topics

I have been preparing to host few sessions. Hopefully, subjects with social networking, couchsurfing, and ethiopian blogs. I haven’t prepared the presentation yet, but since these topics are around for a while, i expect many people to comment on them and give more details and experiences. In the mean time, enjoy the titles.

Social Networking

by endalkachew and markos

Ethiopian blogs

Thanks Sabrina for your beautiful pictures, beautiful face. I just can’t stop looking at them!


Barcamp Ethiopia – 9 Days to Go

I was pressing few edit buttons on WordPress again to work on the look of barcamp ethiopia blog. Endalkachew created it. Since the whole idea of this event can come true only with the support of our loyal sponsors. We are much focused on advertising the sponsorship in this media. Endalkachew will continue updating the barcamp blog after the event. I already started to imagine how students will forward constructive comments later on.

This is a banner printed by mono printing

Barcamp Ethiopia Banners

Today, we received the banners, thanks to Mono printing. I designed the banners, but honestly I didn’t expect them to be printed with this quality. We got 13 banners printed for free from them.

Few days left to start the good sessions and the parties. I’d probably come one more time to say something about it.

Tight the Tortoise

Imagine a red robe round the neck of the tortoise. Tighten and unable to go anywhere. When you try to save the dog from a hungry tortoise, he was tired because of the sunbath causing him sunburn all over his skin. Does a dog get sunburn? How do you avoid the fight between a dog and tortoise? Is it by tightening the tortoise or the dog?

It is a story of Yohannes and Jack!


I decided to include some pictures in my blog this morning!

My original plan was to create another blog for my graphic designs and graphic impressions. Since images takes sometime to load, I didn’t want to include it in my articles. Bandwidth is still a big issue in Ethiopia. My philosophy of being words are more powerful than any graphic illustration is still intact. You can memorize powerful phrases and tell to others. This can’t be possible with pictures. Can it be?

But I have good reasons to decide putting pictures in my blog:

Reason 1: Sabrina’s book

Before Sabrina left to Germany, she prepared me a book (kind of a diary). I liked the fact that it was hand written, pictures were glued to it, some printings, lyrics, tickets, guide book cut outs, and some sketches. It was beautiful. It was a combination of powerful words and beautiful illustrations. Well, at the end, it didn’t help me to have many smiles, considering it was a gift of farewell.

Reason 2: Events

No matter how a good writer can explain how the event was, pictures and videos can be more expressive. The more I engage to cover some events (Barcamp Ethiopia for instance), the more I saw the need of using different medias instead of using only words.

Reason 3: People who don’t like to read

I have to face it. There are people who don’t like to read. I could have simply ignored them. But ignoring is neither a good word nor a good action. But I haven’t met a person yet who likes to read but hates illustration.