If You Introduce It, Provide It

For the last 8 days we didn’t have Internet connection in the office because there is fiber-cable problem whatever! From ETC’s side. The thing is, whenever i call and ask for help: they tell me to contact other department. Sometimes i am wondering, if they have a proper communication between departments inside ETC? Until when they will give such a poor service?

Many people’s work become more dependent on Internet connection. But lack of good connection will slow them down a lot even slower than before. as this wise man said, “Like a man who has missed his train: too late for the last and too early for the next.”

Many people relate ETC’s poor infrastructure and service with country’s economy. Normally, ETC is not poor. Their yearly benefit is higher than many organizations in the country, which perform much higher than ETC.

ETC sucks big time!

After introducing Internet in Ethiopia, they can’t provide it!


  1. Alex · August 17, 2010

    At Mekelle Uni the fibre seems to go down fairly often – but not for as long as 8 days – usually just a day or so and usually due to the fibre being cut because of all the road building and other construction. Though the speed of the fibre certainly seems to be improving.

    My feeling is that the network and mobile infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers to development in Ethiopia at the moment. Ethiopia is in danger of being left behind by other countries in the region. With it’s monopoly position, ETC doesn’t have the kind of incentives necessary to really improve access and service.

    • eweket · August 17, 2010

      Great Comment, Alex!!

      It happened to us once that Internet was disconnected for about 10 days. For quite a silly reason. The media converter in ETC side didn’t have power (unplugged). They had to trace lots of things to find out where the problem was.

      Usually, both the support and infrastructure is bad.

      I am still calling ETC! we have 1mb Wireless ADSL backup connection. well, it is enough to send emails for now!

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