If You Introduce It, Provide It

For the last 8 days we didn’t have Internet connection in the office because there is fiber-cable problem whatever! From ETC’s side. The thing is, whenever i call and ask for help: they tell me to contact other department. Sometimes i am wondering, if they have a proper communication between departments inside ETC? Until when they will give such a poor service?

Many people’s work become more dependent on Internet connection. But lack of good connection will slow them down a lot even slower than before. as this wise man said, “Like a man who has missed his train: too late for the last and too early for the next.”

Many people relate ETC’s poor infrastructure and service with country’s economy. Normally, ETC is not poor. Their yearly benefit is higher than many organizations in the country, which perform much higher than ETC.

ETC sucks big time!

After introducing Internet in Ethiopia, they can’t provide it!

BarCamp Ethiopia – 30 Days to Go

Not so long, BarCamp Ethiopia will be held from September 17 – 18, 2010.

Finally, Google is on board to sponsor. They have confirmed that they will send “Mr. Nemo Semret as a presenter to Barcamp Ethiopia! Nemo developed the Amharic and Tigrigna versions of the Google transliteration system”.

Eskender Andualem is leaving today to Netherlands . He will not obviously participate in this event. As part of on.e’s active member, he was actively involving in BarCamp sponsorship activities. But the good news is Sabrina Blocher is coming to help out organizing together with Biruh.

I am preparing a topic about ‘Ethiopian blogging’ together with Endalkachew! We already plan few ideas to present in this event.