In the last two days I have been working on creating a new social network – ICT Cracker Barrel – using Mixxt. It is a german based free social network platform. Unlike Ning it is free (Ning has been free for long time as well).

Mixxt’s administration panel is very easy to work with. practically, anyone can create the network without the knowledge of programming language. The free version has 1GB of space. I have removed the video feature to save space. It has also a good wiki feature. Other common features of social network is beautifully programmed with many options.

As I expected Jörn Schultz is the first member of the ictcracker. His experience on eLearning Ethiopia helped me a lot, especially in the layout and labeling. I had no idea what I should put first in the main page. The default layout from Mixxt isn’t too bad as well.

The experience we have from eLearning Ethiopia, Facebook for that matter, Ethiopian like to interact via social network platforms. Many Ethiopians use Facebook on daily basis for a considerable amount of time. As this trend will probably continue, social network like ictcracker will help people to share information and collaborate in the country.

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